Best Jet Ski Solar Battery Charger [Maintain Battery]

Solar battery chargers are essential for maintaining jet ski batteries, particularly during off-seasons. A 5-watt or less solar charger is ideal for keeping batteries active and prolonging their life. This article explores the best solar chargers for personal watercrafts, emphasizing their advantages over traditional wall chargers and battery switches. It delves into why solar chargers are more effective, the ideal wattage for maintenance, and the convenience they offer, especially for storage locations without power outlets.

Jet Ski Safety Equipment – Safety Gear You Need for Your PWC

Jet skis offer thrilling experiences on water, but safety is paramount. States and countries have varying requirements for safety gear on jet skis. This guide covers essential items, from life jackets to whistles, and why they’re necessary. It emphasizes the importance of a coast guard approved life jacket, regardless of swimming proficiency. Furthermore, it details the significance of sound devices like whistles and air horns. The article also highlights the utility of carrying a phone for navigation and emergency purposes. Additionally, it discusses the legal necessity of a fire extinguisher and other useful items like extra water, safety lanyards, and a telescoping paddle. Boating memberships and safety courses are also suggested for enhanced safety.

Best Gas Cans For Jet Skis

As a seasoned jet ski owner, I’ve learned that choosing the right gas cans is crucial for efficient fueling. I’ve created a guide to help you select the best options for your PWC. I discuss the top gas cans, including the Justrite AccuFlow and Racing Utility Jug, and why they’re superior to standard cans. Additionally, I recommend a fuel transfer pump for ease of use. I also touch on the importance of safety when handling gas and cans, emphasizing the need to follow all laws and instructions.

What NOT To Wear When On A Jet Ski

This is what not to wear

Learn from Julio Jones’ $100,000 earring mishap and avoid losing valuables on your jet ski. Discover the importance of a Dry Bag for safekeeping and why leaving expensive items at home is a wise choice.

Why You Need A Solar Panel Charger On Your Jet Ski Battery

Jet ski owners often face a recurring battery problem. The solution? Keep it charged. Solar chargers offer an easy and weather-resistant alternative to traditional wall chargers. They work by maintaining the battery, preventing sulfation. Solar panels of 1 to 5 watts are ideal, but never exceed 5 watts without a charge controller to avoid damaging the battery. So, why don’t manufacturers include solar chargers? Some speculate it’s a profitable strategy. Solar chargers are a smart investment to extend battery life. The future may bring super capacitors as an even more efficient solution.

The Best Jet Ski Stands – [Value & Ease]

A jet ski stand is a must-have for Sea-Doo, Yamaha, or Kawasaki watercraft owners. Whether you’re doing maintenance or winter storage, the right stand depends on your needs, user, and jet ski type. Check the weight of your jet ski to avoid damaging it or the stand. The top pick is the Aquacarts AQ-19b, great for easy trailer removal with its tall design, carpeted bunks, large caster wheels, and locking casters, supporting up to 1300 lbs. For a shorter, outdoor-ready option, try the Aquacart AQ-11. A budget-friendly choice is the CE Smith Trailer PWC Dolly for lighter watercraft. DIY wooden stands are also viable if you’re up for some basic woodworking.

16+ Must-Have Boat Accessories List

Owning a boat requires the right gear and accessories. If you’re new to boating, it can be overwhelming to figure out what you need. I’ve done the research and compiled a list of essential boating accessories that every boat owner should consider.

What To Wear On A Jet Ski [8 Things]

Discover the essential jet ski riding gear and clothing you need for a safe and enjoyable experience on the water. From life jackets to wetsuit shorts, sunglasses to sunscreen, explore the recommended items to wear while jet skiing. Learn why each item is important for your safety and comfort. Find out why normal clothes are not suitable for jet skiing and why water shoes and gloves can enhance your ride. Plus, get tips on using a dry bag and considerations for after-ride clothing. Whether you’re a seasoned rider or new to jet skiing, ensure you’re properly dressed for a fun and secure adventure.

Big Mable Towable Review

Discover the thrill of tubing on your jet ski or boat and make family outings memorable with the Super Mable towable tube. This classic tube offers an exhilarating experience for all ages, whether in a seated or chariot position. Equipped with sturdy grab handles and dual inflation points for convenience, the Super Mable boasts a capacity for three riders or 500 pounds. Learn about the ideal power requirements for towing and the importance of starting slow for safety. Dive into the details and find out where to purchase this exciting towable tube for endless water fun.

Craziest And Oddest Towable Tubes For Jet Ski And Boats

Get ready to dive into the world of bizarre and hilarious towable tubes for boats and jet skis! From the Hot Dog Tube to the Bandwagon and even a Dragon Tube, discover the oddest and most entertaining designs that will leave you in stitches. Explore the unique features of each tube and find out which one suits your sense of adventure. Learn about the best tubes for multiple riders and the rules for safe and legal tubing on the water. Join the fun and find the perfect towable tube to elevate your water sports experience.

The Best Jet Ski GPS – Mounting & Tips

Discover the best GPS options for your jet ski and how to install them. Learn about mounting your phone securely to your jet ski and the benefits of dedicated GPS units, including SOS features and marine chart modes. Ensure you have the right GPS solution for a safe and enjoyable jet ski experience on the water.

The Best Jet Ski Life Jackets

Discover the top choices for jet ski life jackets and find the perfect fit for your needs. Explore three different types of life jackets, including nylon, neoprene, and affordable options. Learn about essential features like lanyard hooks and the benefits of neoprene for comfort during long rides. Get expert tips on sizing and maintaining life jackets for both adults and kids. Understand the different types of life jackets and the importance of wearing one while operating a jet ski. Ensure your safety on the water with the right life jacket and accessories.

How to Choose the Right Jet Ski Cover [Best Ones To Buy]

best jet ski covers Sea-Doo Yamaha Kawasaki must have spark accessories

Protect your jet ski from the sun and water with the perfect cover. Find out what size cover you need for your specific jet ski model. Learn why OEM covers are the best option for a snug fit and discover the next best universal covers for added protection. Ensure your jet ski’s longevity and save on potential repair costs by investing in a quality cover. Don’t let the sun and water damage your jet ski – get the right cover today.

The Best PWC Lifts – Which One To Buy

Discover the benefits of using a jet ski lift to keep your watercraft out of the water when not in use. Learn about the different types of jet ski lifts, including drive-up lifts and hoists, and their advantages. Find out how jet ski lifts prevent sinking, corrosion, scum, debris, and animal damage. Understand why it’s recommended to keep your jet ski out of the water, especially in saltwater. Explore various options for jet ski lifts, and get tips on choosing the right one for your specific needs and location. Learn about using boat lifts for jet skis and DIY jet ski lift options. Get insights into the cost and water depth considerations when installing a jet ski lift.

The Best Towable Tubes For Jet Skis

towable tubes in sales boxes

Elevate your jet ski adventures with towable tubes! Discover the best towable tubes for jet skis and factors to consider, including carrying capacity and safety regulations. Learn about essential towable tube accessories like inflators, tow-ropes, shock tubes, mirrors, skier down flags, and life jackets. Find out which jet skis are suitable for towing tubes and gain insights into the towing process. Before hitting the water, check local regulations regarding towable tubes on your chosen lake or waterway.

The Best Jet Ski Battery + What Size You Need

group of batteries

Discover the best jet ski batteries for your Sea-Doo, Yamaha, or Kawasaki jet ski and learn how to extend their lifespan. Find out which battery sizes match your specific jet ski model and year. Explore tips on preventing your jet ski battery from dying prematurely, including the use of solar panel chargers. Avoid the common mistake of installing a battery switch, and understand the importance of maintaining your battery’s activity. Learn how to identify a bad starter relay or a bad battery when your jet ski clicks. Follow step-by-step video guides for changing batteries in Sea-Doo, Yamaha, and Kawasaki jet skis.