Listing Essential Safety Gear Every Jet Ski Owner Should Have

life jacket with key and radio

Before you get on your jet ski and ride away, there maybe a few questions you have. There are also many things that are ignored that could get people hurt. Let’s state something important, safety is a huge deal for any watersports! Things like, what life jackets do you need? Do you need a whistle?

The Best Gas Cans For Jet Skis

VP gas can

It comes with the nature of the beast, but If you own a jet ski, you’ll be putting fuel in it quite a bit, so you’ll need a few good quality gas cans. While this sounds simple enough, when you start looking for gas cans you’ll soon realize many of them are not that great.

23+ Accessories Every Jet Ski Owner Should Have

Ok, the hard part is over. You got the jet ski you love, and you’re ready to hit the open water and play! Before you go out and ride your jet ski, you’ll need a few jet ski accessores to keep you legal, safe, and having fun!  It doesn’t matter if you have a Sea-Doo, Yamaha, or Kawasaki

[Blisters & Grip] The Best Jet Ski Gloves You Should Buy

Jet Ski Gloves

Embracing the exhilarating rush of speeding across the water on a personal watercraft (PWC) is undeniably thrilling. However, amidst the adrenaline-fueled excitement lies a common yet often overlooked discomfort: BLISTERS!!! As passionate riders, we know the joy of navigating the waves, but we also understand the toll it can take on our hands. In this

The Best Jet Ski Anchor That Fits Most Riders Needs

Best Jet Ski Anchor

Anchoring a personal watercraft (PWC) might seem like a straightforward task, but its significance cannot be overstated. Whether you’re docking for a leisurely day on the water or securing your PWC during turbulent conditions, proper anchoring is essential for safety, convenience, and preserving the integrity of your craft. In this post, we’ll delve into the

What NOT To Wear When On A Jet Ski

This is what not to wear

Learn from Julio Jones’ $100,000 earring mishap and avoid losing valuables on your jet ski. Discover the importance of a Dry Bag for safekeeping and why leaving expensive items at home is a wise choice.

Jet Ski Speakers & Listening to Music on your Jet Ski

Music on a PWC can be a must-have, but what speakers do you get? Over the years I’ve seen some good ideas and some downright bad ideas that I talk about in this post! Please don’t make the wrong mistakes when you want music for your jet ski! We also have some cool installs that people

Getting A Solar Battery Charger For My Jet Ski Was SMART!

Jet ski owners often face a recurring battery problem. The solution? Keep it charged. Solar chargers offer an easy and weather-resistant alternative to traditional wall chargers. They work by maintaining the battery, preventing sulfation. Solar panels of 1 to 5 watts are ideal, but never exceed 5 watts without a charge controller to avoid damaging the battery. So, why don’t manufacturers include solar chargers? Some speculate it’s a profitable strategy. Solar chargers are a smart investment to extend battery life. The future may bring super capacitors as an even more efficient solution.

The Best Jet Ski Stand For Maintenance & Storage

A stand is nice to have if you own a Sea-Doo, Yamaha, or a Kawasaki watercraft. Sometimes you need a jet ski off a trailer to work on it or storing it for the winter. What kind you need to buy depends on what you’re doing with it, who will use it, and what type of

16+ Must-Have Boat Accessories

Owning a boat requires the right gear and accessories. If you’re new to boating, it can be overwhelming to figure out what you need. I’ve done the research and compiled a list of essential boating accessories that every boat owner should consider.

A Guide On What To Wear When It Comes To Jet Skiing

When hitting the water on a personal watercraft (PWC), the right attire is more than just a fashion statement—it’s a crucial element of safety, comfort, and performance!!! From protecting against the elements to ensuring freedom of movement, the proper dress code for PWC riders plays a vital role in enhancing the overall experience on the

The Best Shoes For Jet Skiing & What To Avoid!

water shoes I use all the time on PWC

You know what they say, having the right gear is crucial when you’re out on the water, and that includes the often-overlooked aspect of footwear – yes, we’re talking about shoes, sandals, and flip-flops! Believe it or not, wearing the wrong shoes when you’re riding can lead to some serious problems. Think loss of grip

Big Mable Towable Review – Just A Good Tube For Pull Sports

Discover the thrill of tubing on your jet ski or boat and make family outings memorable with the Super Mable towable tube. This classic tube offers an exhilarating experience for all ages, whether in a seated or chariot position. Equipped with sturdy grab handles and dual inflation points for convenience, the Super Mable boasts a capacity for three riders or 500 pounds. Learn about the ideal power requirements for towing and the importance of starting slow for safety. Dive into the details and find out where to purchase this exciting towable tube for endless water fun.

Steven’s Recommended GPS Units For Jet Skis

I’ll be the first one to admit that I am notorious for getting lost, especially on the water. I’m grateful we live in a world where we have GPS units for our cars and boats, but what about for jet skis? The good news is that there are plenty of options when it comes to

The Best Jet Ski Life Jackets

When it comes to life jackets made for jet skis, there are about 3 different types you can buy. I’ve bought all 3 types of life jackets and compared each one to find the best one for jet skis. I’ve tested each life jacket while on my jet ski and off in the water. I

Jet Ski Cover Sizing Guide and Which Ones To Buy

best jet ski covers Sea-Doo Yamaha Kawasaki must have spark accessories

The 2 worst things for your jet ski are the sun and water. Ironic isn’t it, but it’s true! This is why having a good cover is so important. What size do you need? Will it hold up? Is it even worth it? All those questions and more I answer below. What Makes For A

The Best Lifts Made For Jet Skis: Keep It Out Of The Water!

It’s a blast having a jet ski, but what is not so fun is cleaning it! The worst cleaning job is the bottom of the hull and pump area. If you keep your machine in the water too long, it builds up this coating that not only slows you down, but is a pain to

What Is The Best Tube For The Boat Or Jet Ski?

towable tubes in sales boxes

I need to cover the issue of how many people can be pulled on the tube first. While you can get 3+ person tube and your regular jet ski will pull it just fine, it doesn’t mean it’s allowed in many places. Most models have a MAX seating capacity of 3 people, that includes everyone

A Guide To The Best Batteries For Jet Skis and Their Sizes

group of batteries

Ah, the thrill of the open water on your jet ski — until the dreaded moment when your battery decides it’s time to call it quits. For many jet ski owners, dealing with such issues is an all-too-familiar headache that can quickly put a damper on their aquatic adventures. From unexpected dead batteries to the