Big Mable Towable Review – Just A Good Tube For Pull Sports

Tubing is a blast when you’re on a jet ski or a boat. Tubing is one of the many activities you can do when you own a boat that the whole family can get into. There is one tube that I do want to point out and do a little review on it. The Super Mable (Amazon Link Ad) is one of the classics of all the tubes. This is got to be one of the best tubes to ever have. It’s just a plain good tube that works well with a wide range of ages.

Here is a video of it here…

Two Ways

The greatest feature of this tube is that it can be used in two positions. You have the seated position and also the chariot position. The seat position is great for the younger kids to sit and enjoy an easy ride. The chariot is great for the older kids looking for a challenge. Plenty of grab handles to hold on to when going around tight turns. The grab handles even have something help protect your knuckles from getting too hurt when holding on tight.


There are 2 spots to inflate this tube. This is quite common for a lot of tubes. This way you can inflate and deflate it a little easier. It’s always a good idea to pick up an inflator like this one (Amazon Link Ad) to make inflating your Mable Towable Tube or even deflating it. Forgetting the inflator is the number thing I see people do when they pick up a new tube. Don’t get stuck at the gas station trying to figure out the inflators they have. Plus it nice to inflate before you launch the boat at the ramp.


The capacity of Mable Towable Tube is 3 people or about 500 pounds. It’s best to not go past the recommend values on the package.

When not in use the Mable does make for a great island tube for around the dock or when you’re anchored. If you have a pool big enough its also a great pool float!

Make sure you follow local laws about how many people you can tow on the tube.

How Much Power

One question I get often is how much power do I need to pull this tube. I’ve seen boats with 40HP engines pull tubes before, but they don’t pull them fast. Which is not really a problem. The real problem is having too much power and going too fast. Always start slow and have hand signals down to let the driver and spotter know what speeds you feel comfortable at. Don’t do anything stupid, everyone is there to have a good time.



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