What is the Best Tube for the Boat or Jet Ski

Probably the best part of having a boat or jet ski is getting the tube out and being pulled around in the water. The kids have a blast and so does any adult that gets in the towable tubes. I have compiled a list of the best towable tubes for Jet Skis but if I had to pick the best tube I would say the Super Mable is the best one!

Hot dog towable tube

Boat tubes can range in size, cost, and what you want to do with it. You got towable tubes that are super cheap but can lack in fun. You even have some tubes that can get you airborne and flying in the sky. You got one person tubes, 3 person tubes, and many person tube, but you must obey the laws when it comes to the tubes.

The law

Make sure you follow your state’s laws on Towable tubes especially for Jet Skis. If your jet ski is only a 3 person jet ski that means you can either have 2 people on the ski and one on the tube or 2 on the tube and 1 on the ski with mirrors. The person capacity for a boat or jet ski is very important for safety on tubes. If someone gets hurt you need to make sure you have enough room for everyone to get back.

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Most popular

Super mable towable tube

The most popular tube I’ve seen has got to be the Super Mable (Big Mable Towable Tube). This is a 3 person tube. The biggest reason why so many people love it is that you can just sit back and can be pulled around without overdoing yourself to stay on the tube. You can’t go wrong with this tube if you can’t decide which one to get then get this one – trust me!

Affordable Tube

Airhead slice towable tube for jet ski

An affordable towable tube has got to be the slice tube. The slice is a 2 person tube that you lay on your stomach for. This tube gets you close to the water and really brings in the fun factor. You can find cheaper tubes but they never last as long as this tube and I don’t recommend them.

The Oddest Towable Boat Tube

The oddest boat tube I’ve ever seen has got to be the Hot Dog Towable Tube by Airhead. This tube is shaped like a hot dog in a bun. It seats 3 people just fine and is good for a good laugh. Don’t let the odd shape fool you, this has got to be the most fun tubes available. Besides the Big Mable, this tube gives me a secure feeling that I won’t fall off. Sitting further back gives you the best ride especially if you’re the only one on it.

Most Useful Tube

Poparazzi tube

The most useful and most practical tube has got to be the Poparazzi Towable Tube. You can lay down, stand up, and go crazy with this tube. The rounded underside makes it handle like no other tube. Gives you the feeling like you’re on a jet ski when you’re in this tube. This is my go-to tube right now for the riding season and I love it, even the reviews are good on it.

Booster Ball

booster ball for tubing

Don’t forget the Booster Ball! The Booster Ball keeps the tow rope out of the water so you don’t have to worry about the splash. It also increases the fun of the tube and you don’t have to worry about accidentally submarine of the tube.

Don’t forget the Ropes and other Accessories that you’ll need with the tube.

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