The Best Jet Ski Shoes and What Shoes to Avoid When Riding a Jet Ski

Having the correct gear when riding a watercraft is very important. This goes for footwear like shoes, sandals, and flip-flops.

Wearing the wrong shoes when riding a Jet Ski can actually cause you to lose grip and really hurt yourself. 

The problem you’ll run into when picking the best jet ski shoes is that there are too many to choose from. How do you know you’re picking the correct shoes if there are so many different types? – Let’s talk about it!

What Not To Wear

I want to start this off with the kind of shoes or sandals you should not wear when riding a jet ski. These types of shoes don’t do good under slippery conditions or come off way too easily.


The first kind to not wear is Crocs™. They may seem like the perfect footwear when riding a Jet Ski but they’re not so great in wet conditions.

They don’t give you the traction you might need when riding.

Flip Flops

The next kind of footwear to avoid is the basic flip-flops. Flip flops can come off very easily and offer no real protection.

It’s not when you’re on the Jet Ski you should worry about, but when you’re getting on and off that you need to worry. Flip flops offer no protection from a rock that you might land on when hopping off the watercraft when you beach it.

Also, flip-flops don’t offer protection from the sun and no real protection on cold winter rides. 

Can You Jet Ski Barefoot? – I would avoid riding a jet ski barefoot at all possible. I have personally cut my foot either on something sticking out on the jet ski or hopping on or off the jet ski.

Please take note: No matter what you wear always be careful around wet and slippery areas. Not all shoes are perfect and care should be had when walking on wet surfaces.

Best Jet Ski Shoes To Wear

The best thing to have on your feet when riding a jet ski is called “water shoes”.

Water shoes come in many different styles and colors to fit your needs.

They offer the best protection, grip, and comfort you need when on your jet ski. They also don’t hold water and feel as comfortable as regular tennis shoes.

You can use water shoes for more than just riding on a jet ski. They work well at the beach, the backyard, water parks, or even hopping off the Jet Ski to grab some lunch. Most of the time people don’t even know that you have water shoes on because of how good they look.

Basic Water Shoe

water shoes I use all the time on PWC

Up first is the basic water shoe like this one. (Amazon Link Ad) They look the part of a water shoe but are light on the feet. They allow water to escape quickly and work very well if all you’re doing is riding a Jet Ski or swimming.

The basic water shoe is kind of like a slipper where you slide your foot into it, but you have a pull-tight cord for a snug fit.

The bottom of the shoe is rubber to give you the best grip.

If you need something simple and in a good price range then this style of water shoe will work fine.

Real Water Shoe

jet ski water shoe that is the real one

I call the next option a “real water shoe (Amazon Link Ad)” because it’s hard to differentiate them from a tennis shoe. I’ve had people stop me before getting into the water to let me know I have my tennis shoes on – that’s how real these shoes can look.


  • They look like a normal sneaker.
  • Don’t hold water and dry quickly.
  • The best comfort for long rides or unknown ground conditions.
  • It’s like putting on any other shoe and stays on like any other shoe.
  • Offers protection from the sun.
  • Some protection from the cold rides in the winter.

Once you start to wear shoes like this it will be hard to go back to anything else.

These shoes have a feel of a normal tennis shoe and even have laces that are pull-tight.

Other Jet Ski Clothing?

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