How to Clean a Jet Ski Seat

One of the hardest things to clean on a Jet Ski has got to be the seats. It’s amazing how dirty and also how mold can show up on your seats.

I’ve searched for years looking for the best cleaner to clean up and get rid of the black mold that grows on the seats of watercraft. To be honest I have yet to find something that just works.

The Bad News

You’ve probably come here to get a clear and exact answer to this problem, but the fact is that most of that black stuff that’s on the seat will be there forever.

The Good News

The good news is that you can remove it, or at least most of it. Also, let me say that if you’re even thinking vinegar or some other natural cleaner will get it clean then go ahead and try it. From my years of cleaning jet skis, I’ve found that anything with vinegar will not work. And no, vinegar and baking soda won’t work either.

What you need are some old fashion chemicals! Don’t worry, this stuff is not that harmful.

Check out the mildew and mold remover (Amazon Link Ad).

How To Clean Jet Ski Seats

  1. Remove the seats from the jet ski.
  2. Thoroughly wet the seats.
  3. Spray the Mildew Remover Cleaner on the seats.
  4. Using a wet rag wipe the seats and rinse with water.
  5. Repeat as many times as you want.
  6. Apply Vinyl Protectant (Amazon Link Ad) to the seat.

Remember, some of the black spots might not come off as it’s like your skin and has freckled.

Purple Cleaner

The first time I ever saw these products work was when I spent all day trying to clean a seat for a customer using my old and tested “purple stuff”. Now, this purple stuff is still some strong stuff and really will clean, so be careful cleaning with it as it can do some damage applied to the wrong stuff.

So here I was trying to clean this seat and using my trusty purple stuff and having no luck. The customer takes the seat and comes back with it looking like new, and of course, I had to ask how was this possible? He said that he used these cleaners to get it looking like new again. From then on out I’ve been a huge supporter of these cleaners for boats, it really does work!

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