How To Clean A Jet Ski Seat

One of the hardest things to clean on a jet ski has got to be the seats and other soft surfaces. It’s amazing how dirty and also how mold can show up in such areas.

For years, I’ve looked for the best cleaners to use on jet ski seats, and I think I have finally found great options.

Just like cleaning most things, do a test spot before going forward. Some of the cleaners in this post are strong, and need to be, as some of these stains are hard to remove.

How To Clean Jet Ski Seats

  1. Remove the seats from the jet ski.
  2. Thoroughly wet the seats.
  3. Spray the mold & mildew remover cleaner* on the seats.
  4. Let it sit for a minute.
  5. Wet the Boat Erasers* and wipe all the affected areas.
  6. Thoroughly rinse the seats.

When the seats are cleaned and dry, put on vinyl protectant* to keep the seats protected.

Cleaning Really Dirty Seats

There have been a few jet ski seats and soft items like covers that don’t get cleaned with the mold and mildew sprays made for such things.

Sometimes, you just need something a little stronger!

Warning: Do a hidden test spot before doing the whole area!

Repeating the steps in the last section, but instead of the mildew cleaner, use this Outdoor Cleaner*. This stuff will stain clothes, so make sure to not wear your good clothing. Also, try to avoid the seams.

Boat Erasers

The real magic has been boat erasers*, which are magic erasers made for boats.

These boat erasers are not my daily cleaning of my jet ski, but my go-to for filthy jet ski seats. Most of the time, a simple boat wash and Simple Green* gets a jet ski cleaned. I figured, if you’re Google this, then you have really dirty seats and need a good solution.

I would not use regular magic erasers, these boat erasers are made for boats, and it’s soft materials like seats. You’re going to have to trust me on this one, they’re way better for your boat than magic erasers.

Just Paint It

I’ve cleaned a lot of boat and jet ski seats, and sometimes the black marks and stains won’t come out.

The vinyl freckles, just your skin, and it’s there forever. It looks like mold and mildew, but it won’t come out because it’s damaged.

The last thing you can do is simply paint the seats with a vinyl spray paint. This is super easy to do if the seat is one color, but if not, you have to mask off the areas you don’t want to paint.

The video below shows how to do it and how effective it is.

How To Clean The Whole Jet Ski?

Cleaning the whole jet ski is a different process that I cover here.

You don’t want to clean your whole jet ski the same way you clean the seats. The seats on a jet ski are very different and need different care when it comes to cleaning.

Cleaning Jet Ski Cover

Cleaning your jet ski cover is similar to cleaning your jet ski seats, both are soft surfaces and hold on to mold/mildew.

To clean the cover, you put it on a flat surface and spray it down with water and then the mildew remover cleaner. Make sure the cover is over something that doesn’t get affected by bleach.

You can put your jet ski cover in the washing machine and clean on a gentle cycle, but do NOT put it in the dryer.

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