2024 Sea-Doo Watercraft – What’s New

Sea-Doo has unveiled its new models for 2024, accompanied by a range of enticing features that I’m eager to go into.

2024 feels like a return to normal, where new significant changes happen. I’m not saying the last few years have been uneventful, just that things feel “normal” again.

Before we start, I suggest checking out the Watercraft Journal’s write-up, as it’s very good and packed with even more info! Also, check out Sea-Doo’s own website for the exact details.

What Changed?

Let’s start off with a top view of what’s changed and then go over each one in their own section.

  • New Spark and Trixx models.
  • New 325 HP engine.
  • The GTR-X is back!
  • New Switch Cruise Limited.
  • iDF standard on more models.
  • And a few other changes we’ll go over.

Sea-Doo 2024 Release Video

New Spark & Trixx

We all assumed the Spark and Trixx would be getting updated soon. Sea-Doo released the Spark in 2013 for the 2014 Sea-Doo model year, and 10 years is about when they do a redesign.

We were hoping for a fresh redesign, and we kind of got that, but what we were really hoping for was a bigger engine. There were rumors about Sea-Doo trying out the 100 HP and 130 HP Rotax engines in Sparks, so we were crossing our fingers for it to happen, but nope, not in 2024. Sea-Doo is still rolling with the 60 HP and 90 HP engines in their Sparks and Trixx models.

Here is the list of changes for the 2024 Sea-Doo Spark:

  • Slight body changes, but overall, looks like the old Spark. 
  • Still 2 and 3 seater options. 
  • Improved seat for more comfort.
  • New handholds on the rear of the Spark to make it easier to get back on from the water. 
  • LinQ accessory attachment points in the rear.
  • LinQ Lite attachments for smaller items like attaching cameras. 
  • Redesigned BRP Audio portable system.
  • New 4.5 lighted digital display, has gas, speed, rpm, temp, time until empty, VTS ECO mode, Sport mode and more. Sport mode only on 90HP Sparks. 
  • Larger glove box with dry storage for phone. 
  • All models get the iBR system, even the base model 60HP. 
  • Higher price, but now comes with iBR. Went from $5,999 to $6,999, but you now get iBR standard, which is fair. 
  • A front storage bucket can be added, NOT standard on all Sparks. 11 Gallon capacity for front storage. It’s larger, first gen Spark had a total of 7.42 gallons, now it’s a total of 11.71 gallons.

Here is the list of changes for the Trixx:

  • Everything the Spark got.
  • New reverse bucket for better stop tricks.
  • Textured rear deck area for feet. 
  • Comes with a 1 person free-style seat, can get longer seats. 
  • Revised foot wedges for better control when doing tricks. 
  • Still have the adjustable handlebars. 

You also get new colors for the Sparks and Trixx models.

325 HP

Sea-Doo now has the biggest engine from the factory than any other manufacturer. Not only the biggest, but the best power-to-weight ratio, too.

What’s new:

  • 0 to 60 MPH in 3.4 seconds. 
  • Only on the RXP-X and RXT-X.
  • The lower crankcase and pistons have been beefed up and optimized.
  • A less restrictive air intake system and new valve train allows better airflow for the engine. 
  • All new supercharger. Spins close to 100k RPMs, that’s insane.
  • O2 sensor in the exhaust manifold.
  • Upgraded fuel system and engine management system. 
  • Upgraded spark plugs. 
  • Engine going from 8,000 RPMs to 8,250 RPMs.
  • Increased power to weight ratio. 

Make sure to follow the Watercraft Journal YouTube channel for more info on the engine.

RXP-X 325

Much of the attention on the RXP-X is directed towards its new engine, but there have been a few changes worth noting.

Apart from the color, there are some additional features, such as a hydraulic damper for improved steering control and a fiberglass hood. In essence, these are the APEX features, now incorporated into the standard RXP-X model.

GTR-X 300

Sea-Doo is bringing the GTR-X back and doing it right!

The GTR-X is now equipped with the 300 HP engine, coupled with the tried-and-true GTI Polytec 2.0 hull. It’s absolutely mind-boggling, and it’s likely the closest we’ll come to a Spark-X.

What’s new:

  • It’s a GTI hull with a 300HP engine. 
  • Uses the Polytec Gen 2 hull.
  • 3 seater.
  • Comes with reboarding ladder, not something they used to do on the GTR’s. 
  • Larger fuel tank. 
  • Tech package.
  • Angled foot wedges.
  • VTS.
  • Launch control.
  • Polished impeller. 

The GTR-X is far more forgiving for new riders who want to get a fast jet ski without getting too crazy like you would with a RXP-X. Just simple and fun, Sea-Doo hit it out of the park on this one!

Switch Cruise Limited

Sea-Doo has come out with a limited model, their higher-end version of a product, for the Sea-Doo Switch.

What’s new:

  • 21 foot model.
  • 230HP engine.
  • Large 10.25 in touch screen for the driver.
  • 7 inch GPS and fish finder.
  • Speed tie system standard.
  • Upgraded stereo system. 
  • Ambient interior lighting. 
  • The price includes a trailer. 

Other Changes

There are more changes to note as listed below for the other Sea-Doo models.

  • All Switch pontoon jet boats are all getting a battery switch and an improved generator for charging your batteries when the engine is running.
  • All GTX’s get iDF.
  • All GTX can add the tech package.
  • WAKE 170 now having iDF.
  • 230 HP Explorer Pro option.



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