Jet Ski Trailers Are Not Universal Or The Same Size, You Need The Correct Size

Will my jet ski fit on a certain trailer? What kind do I need? Can I use just any type of trailer?

I receive many questions about trailers and whether a customer’s watercraft will fit. I’ve encountered various trailers, and while many are suitable for some watercraft, it’s important to note that not all trailers are universal.

Not Universal

A bunch of watercraft trailers mostly Triton aluminum

Jet ski trailers are not universal, and getting the wrong size can be dangerous!

I would constantly see it, someone buys a new PWC but brings in a trailer that is too small. They had the thing for years, but they have only gotten bigger.

Putting the larger machine on the smaller trailer made it a lot more tongue light, often flipping it off the ball of the truck, or damaging the axle or wheels as they were not rated for this higher weight.

Even today, you can buy new trailers that are too small for most models.

For example, the WAVE series from Triton Trailers is made for smaller Sea-Doo Spark and Yamaha EX. Putting a larger machine like a GTI, VX, GTX, RXT, FX, ULTRA or any other will be dangerous.

WAVE Measurements:

  • Length = 148″
  • Width = 55″
  • Carrying capacity = 750 lbs

One Common Size Trailer

While all PWC trailers are not universal, there is one size that is most likely to fit the majority.

One constant example I see is from Triton Trailers, and it’s called the LTWCI. I like to talk about Triton because their aluminum trailers are the best if you ask me.

The LTWCI is a single unit trailer, so it can only carry one. They make a LTWCII that can carry two, and it’s an all-around good double trailer.

You still need to keep in mind the age of the LTWCI, as they have made them bigger through the years to keep up with how big they have gotten. So, a 2008 LTWCI will be a little smaller than a 2023 LTWCI.

The LTWCI measurements is what makes it a good, almost universal, watercraft trailer that can fit most types.

LTWCI Measurements (Fits Most):

  • Length = 181.5″
  • Width = 59.5″
  • Carrying capacity = 1,785 lbs

I recommend finding other brands with similar measurements, as that will get you a trailer that will work for most, new or old. You will need to adjust the trailer’s bunks and bow stop, but it’s not hard to do.

To give you another option, Karavan has their own option here, and it’s Karavan that makes Sea-Doo trailers.

Remember Weight!

When buying a trailer, it’s important you know the weight of your jet ski.

Not only the weight, but all the gear, fuel and accessories that will also go on the trailer.

Going over the max weight will damage the axle, blow tires, and overall cause a wreck.

Double Trailers Are Not Universal

Two Yamaha VX on triton double trailer

Trailers are available in single, double, and 4-place options, but despite their larger size, double trailers are NOT universal, and you’ll need to buy one that fits both watercraft.

Older Watercraft Trailers

A lot of the problems I see when it comes from people trying to put their new PWC on their older trailer.

It’s most often people who had the thing since 2-strokes were around, and still thinking it will work for modern 4-strokes. 4-strokes are a lot bigger, even the current 4-stroke is bigger than the 4-stroke from 10 years ago.

If your trailer is over 10 years old, you need to double-check if it can fit the skis you’re looking to put on it. And if it’s that old, look into new tires and grease the bearings if you haven’t done it in a while.

Can You Put A Smaller PWC On A Larger Trailer?

If you have a smaller PWC, like a Spark or 2-stroke, and have a larger trailer, then it will be fine to put it on the bigger trailer.

Most trailers allow you to adjust the bunks and bow stop.

The issue with placing a smaller machine on a larger trailer is that adjustability is limited. The bow stop can only be moved to a certain extent towards the Personal Watercraft (PWC), and often, smaller PWCs tend to have a heavier tongue.

Tongue Weight

Being tongue heavy is a problem, especially at higher speeds, as you’re more likely to sway and lose control.

A small ski can be put on a larger trailer, but you must not overdo it and make sure it can be adjusted to fit.

You can also have a double trailer and have one PWC bigger than the other. You’ll still need to adjust the trailer to fit each one, and you must always put the units on the correct side once adjusted.



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