Are Jet Ski Trailers Universal? [Same Size?]

When looking to buy a jet ski, many come across the need for a trailer. Jet skis don’t come with trailers, and you may need to get one when buying a new or used jet ski.

When you start to look for a jet ski trailer, you’ll notice there are many options, not only color, but also size and capacity. With so many variations, and different options through the years, it makes people wonder if jet ski trailers are universal?

Overall, jet ski trailers are not universal, but there is a common size you want to stick to that will work for most jet ski trailers. You also need to keep in mind the year of the trailer, what it’s made of, and so much more that I would like to go over in this post.

Are Jet Ski Trailers Universal?

Jet ski trailers are not universal, and getting the wrong size trailer for your jet ski can be dangerous.

I would constantly see it, someone buys a new jet ski but brings in a trailer that is too small. The trailer they had for years, but jet skis have only gotten bigger through the years. Putting the larger jet ski on the smaller trailer made it a lot more tongue light, often flipping it off the ball of the truck, or damaging the axle or wheels as they were not rated for this higher weight.

Even today, you can buy new jet ski trailers that are too small for most jet skis. For example, the WAVE series from Triton Trailers is made for smaller jet skis like the Sea-Doo Spark and Yamaha EX. Putting a larger jet ski like a GTI, VX, GTX, RXT, FX, ULTRA or any other jet ski will be dangerous. This trailer is cheaper than the rest and that is why so many people want to buy it, but if you don’t have a stand-up jet ski, Spark or EX, you need to avoid this trailer and others sized like it.

WAVE Measurements (For Small Jet Skis):

  • Length = 148″
  • Width = 55″
  • Carrying capacity = 750 lbs

What Size Trailer Fits Most Jet Skis?

While all jet ski trailers are not universal, there is one size jet ski trailer that is most likely to fit the majority of jet skis.

One example is from Triton Trailers, and it’s called the LTWCI. I like to talk about Triton because their aluminum trailers are the best if you ask me.

The LTWCI is a single jet ski trailer, so it can only carry one. They make a LTWCII that can carry two jet skis, and it’s an all-around good double trailer.

You still need to keep in mind the age of the LTWCI, as they have made them bigger through the years to keep up with how big jet skis have gotten. So, a 2008 LTWCI will be a little smaller than a 2023 LTWCI.

The LTWCI measurements is what makes it a good, almost universal, jet ski trailer that can fit most types of jet skis.

LTWCI Measurements (Fits Most Jet Skis):

  • Length = 181.5″
  • Width = 59.5″
  • Carrying capacity = 1,785 lbs

Finding other brands with similar measurements will get you a trailer that will work for most jet skis, new or old. You will need to adjust the trailer’s bunks and bow stop, but it’s not hard to do.

To give you another option, Karavan has their own option here, and it’s Karavan that makes Sea-Doo trailers.

Are Double Jet Ski Trailers Universal?

You can get jet ski trailers that fit one, two and four jet skis. The double jet ski can hold two jet skis on a trailer, and since they’re bigger, are they also more universal?

While double jet ski trailers are bigger, because they have to carry two PWCs, they’re not universal and suffer the same problem as single jet ski trailers.

You need to make sure the double jet ski trailer is long enough to support your jet skis.

Older Jet Ski Trailers

A lot of the problems I see when it comes to jet ski trailers is people trying to put their new jet ski on their older jet ski trailer.

It’s most often people who had the trailer since 2-strokes were around, and still thinking it will work for modern 4-strokes. 4-stroke jet skis are a lot bigger, even the current 4-stroke are bigger than the 4-stroke from 10 years ago.

If your jet ski trailer is over 10 years old, you need to double-check if it can fit the jet skis you’re looking to put on it. And if the trailer is that old, look into new tires and grease the bearings if you haven’t done it in a while.

Can You Put A Smaller Jet Ski On A Larger Trailer?

If you have a smaller jet ski, like a Spark or 2-stroke, and have a larger trailer, then it will be fine to put the smaller jet ski on the bigger trailer.

Most jet ski trailers allow you to adjust the bunks and bow stop to fit your trailer.

The problem with putting a smaller jet ski on a bigger trailer is that the trailer can only be adjusted so much. The bow stop can only be moved so close to the jet ski, and often smaller jet skis tend to be tongue heavy.

Being tongue heavy is a problem, especially at higher speeds, as you’re more likely to sway and lose control.

A small jet ski can be put on a larger trailer, but you must not overdo it and make sure the trailer can be adjusted to fit the jet ski.

You can also have a double jet ski trailer and have one jet ski bigger than the other. You’ll still need to adjust the trailer to fit each jet ski, and you must always put the jet skis on the correct side once adjusted.

Remember Jet Ski Weight!

When buying a jet ski trailer, it’s important you know the weight of your jet ski.

Not only the weight of the jet ski, but all the gear, fuel and accessories that will also go on the trailer.

Going over the max weight of your jet ski trailer will damage the axle, blow tires, and overall cause a wreck.

Run The Correct Air Pressure!

In general, I’ve found people really neglect their jet ski trailers, and the tires are the most neglected on the trailers.

Jet ski trailer tires don’t last forever, if they’re dry rotting you need to replace them.

Also, trailer tires run more PSI in them in comparison to your car or truck. You should inflate the trailer tire to the max PSI that is indicated on the tire when it’s cold.

Using my tire in the above image as an example, it says, “max load 785 lbs at 60 psi“. This means I need to put in 60 PSI into that tire when cold , especially when I’m getting close to the max load. Cold = Before driving.

You will need to have a tire gauge that can read these higher numbers* and a tire inflator* that can pump the tires to these higher numbers.

Overall, remember, your trailer tires are not the same as your car tires!

How To Adjust Jet Ski Trailer

Since every jet ski is a different size, you will need to adjust your trailer to fit your jet ski.

Hopefully, if you bought it from a dealer they did it for you, but I’ve had to correct plenty of dealer mistakes before, so it doesn’t hurt to go behind them.

Adjusting a jet ski trailer is easy, all you need is a 9/16 socket and wrench, and sometimes a 3/4 socket and wrench. The bow stop often only has two 9/16 bolts that hold it on, and loosening them allows you to slide. The bunks are the same, usually two or four 9/16 bolts, and loosening them allows you to move them.

The video below does a fantastic job of showing you how to adjust a jet ski trailer:

Wrap Up

When it comes to purchasing a jet ski trailer, it is important to recognize that not all trailers are universal.

While there are common sizes that can accommodate most jet skis, it is crucial to consider factors such as the specific measurements, weight capacity, and adjustability of the trailer.

Proper maintenance, including checking tire pressure and replacing worn-out tires, is essential for safe towing. By understanding the compatibility between your jet ski and trailer, and taking necessary precautions, you can ensure a smooth and secure experience while transporting your watercraft.

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