2022 Yamaha Waverunner – What’s New

I’m pretty surprised to see jet ski manufacturers have new models and tech for the 2022 lineup.

Even Yamaha has new features and a new model for 2022, and it’s better than I expected.

When it comes to 2022, it’s the year that Yamaha gets back to its roots and improves things we have all been begging for. So let’s go over what’s new for 2022 Yamaha.

Yamaha JetBlaster

The biggest news to me has got to be the new Yamaha JetBlaster.

The JetBlaster replaces the EXR but still keeps the same NanoXcel2 hull/deck and 110HP TR-1 HO engine. What makes it different is the raise handlebars, foot chocks, and custom VTS.

This is more than a fair trade for the EXR. If anything, this is what the EXR should have been from the start.

The JetBlaster is Yamaha’s answer to the Sea-Doo Trixx. Just like the Trixx, the JetBlaster has raised handlebars, foot chocks, adjusted VTS (trim), and it’s lightweight made for playing around.

The Trixx does have the JetBlaster beat on the wheelie department, but the JetBlaster set out to be more of a wave jumper instead.

The JetBlaster only comes in a 3 seater option, and the Trixx comes in a 2 or 3 seater.

Yamaha Moves To SMC Fiberglass For FX Models

Yamaha has been known for its NanoXcel and NanoXcel2 hulls for a long time.

Yamaha has now moved to SMC fiberglass hulls for FX models, which is a more traditional fiberglass. This does add a little more weight to the FX and FX SVHO, but to be honest, it’s well worth it.

SMC is thicker, rides better, easier and cheaper to repair, and you get more flexibility for colors.

Yamaha will keep NanoXcel for the deck, but the move to SMC for the hull is the right move!

The VX models, GP1800R HO and GP1800R SVHO, did not change hulls.

FX Fishing Add-Ons

It seems Yamaha is paying attention to Sea-Doo’s Sport Fishing segment and has released its own style.

Instead of making a dedicated fishing jet ski Yamaha has a “build what you need” add-ons for the FX models.

Yamaha RecDeck

It all starts with what Yamaha calls the RecDeck, a large swim platform that can be used to add many more accessories. Things like a cooler, fishing rack, cup holders, rod holders, and even a lounge seat.

This is all neat, but what got me most excited was the RecDeck’s reboarding ladder. It’s legit a step ladder from an actual boat. Jet ski reboarding steps are not great but better than nothing, and to see Yamaha give you a long ladder like this is so nice. The ladder alone is reason enough to get the RecDeck.

The RecDeck can be added to all 2019 and up FX models. It can also be removed later if you decide you don’t want it anymore.

While it’s nice you can build a fishing jet ski to fit your needs; it would have been better to have a dedicated fishing model as Sea-Doo has with the Fish Pros. When you take a base model FX HO and start to add similar accessories the Sea-Doo Fish Pro Sport has from the factory, you quickly start to spend more, and this doesn’t factor in the labor cost to add these add-ons.

FX Changes

All SVHO models will have a new larger 7-inch touchscreen with a glass screen and are far more responsive than the last one.

The FX HO models will have the 5-inch touchscreen.

What’s most interesting for the FX lineup is when you get the speakers, which you have to get from the factory, they give you the ability to take calls and use your phone’s voice assistant like you would in a car. This sounds neat on paper, but I don’t see answering calls on a jet ski as a problem most people have. If anything, I ride my jet ski to get away from such things. Still a neat idea though.

GPS and Geofencing

The FX lineup is getting GPS speed along with a GPS mapping option.

You will need to pay extra for the GPS map card for plotting and extra features but what it can do is well worth it if you ask me. The map cards can be found at your local dealership.

The most significant selling feature beyond the plotting and location mapping is Geofencing. I’ve long since ragged on Yamaha for not doing more for beginner riders, but with Geofencing, they really delivered.

With Geofencing, you can set how far the jet ski is allowed to travel from home and when it goes beyond that point, alarms will sound. This is super helpful for the kids or anyone new to jet skis. Once you get on the water, things look different, and things start to blend in, and you easily get lost. So having this alarm system when they’ve crossed the boundary is a huge selling point.

Cup Holders Are Back For The FX Line Up

I’ve never been a fan of the cup holders on a jet ski, but they’re back for the FX lineup.

Yamaha was able to bring the cup holders back without removing the Ram Mount accessories options. So you can have your drink and GPS too.

The Ram Mounts use the cup holders and have the thread to connect the accessories you want.

FX Glovebox Improvements

Yamaha finally got rid of the rubber latch for the FX glovebox and now has a way better and more sturdy plastic latch. I know this seems small and nitpicking, but those rubber latches never hold up, and the sun makes them a messy sticky-goo in 10 years.

Yamaha also added a spring-loaded hinge on the glove box. This is a nice touch, and it’s the little details like this I love seeing.

The last change was a phone holder spot inside the glove box, and you still have the lighted plugs and a way to connect your phone.

The FX Is A Dryer Ride

Yamaha made changes to the ride plate and sponsons to raise the nose of the PWC and stop with over-splashing.

The FX was an already dry ride for its size compared to other jet skis on the market, but these improvements are very much welcomed.

More Models Get The GP1800R Style Handlebar Controls

You’re seeing more models, especially the FX line up, move to the same style handlebar controls the GP1800R models have.

The start button is now on the right and is only one button that does both start and stops. The killswitch lanyard is still on the left side.

Now on the left side is the cruise control button. They kind of flipped everything around.

Speakers Should Be Standard

I honestly feel we’re at the point that both Sea-Doo and Yamaha should include the speaker system for all the luxury class of watercraft.

It’s silly they make you order the speakers from the factory while also shipping an option without speakers. The speaker installs are an involved process, and it’s overall better to have it already done from the factory.

Why have this mess and confusion?

Just ship the FX and GTX models with the speaker system already on them. Most people want it, and if they don’t, well, it doesn’t hurt having them.

I foresee speakers becoming a standard option for more jet ski models in the near future, just like most boats and cars these days.



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  1. So glad I just found this site! I’m looking at 2022 Waverunners and am trying to decide between the various VX models. I’ll mostly be pulling young kids (6-12yrs) on tubes and skis. Any reason for the HO or should I stick to the 3cyl models? I saw in another post you recommended the Deluxe or Cruiser because of the low RPM setting, which sounds like a good idea when the kids get old enough to drive. Are there any issues with the touch screens on those VS the regular VX? I always think the fancier something gets the more problems it has. We’re on a small lake in SC btw. Thanks for the help!

    • If you’re going to be doing a lot of pull sports the HO will be nice to have but not needed. With the HO you get about 5mph more and a little better take-off power which is nice if you’re pulling tubes or adults. The TR-1 engine can handle pull sports just fine and will do better on gas too. I’m a fan of the VX Deluxe, not so much the Cruiser version as the upgrades are not worth it if you ask me. The VX does not have a touch screen, only the larger FX models have a touch screen. I find the touchscreens cool but I end up using the control pads more as it’s easier.


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