The 5 Most Common Types of jet ski

Throughout the years there has been a wide variety of jet skis from standups to 4 seater monster jet skis and even models that could attach to a boat. Nowadays there is a nice selection of jet skis to choose from recreational to performance and everything in between. We will go through all the different types so that you can better understand each one and maybe help you choose your next watercraft.


This category is fairly new and only came to be with the introduction of the Seadoo Spark. For a while, all watercraft were getting bigger and bigger to better suit ride comfort but this took away the simple fun that you got from smaller and lighter machines.

When the watercraft first came out they were really small and light machines that could be thrown around and launched out of the water. As time went on people favored more comfortable rides because now you had things like towable tubes and needed something that could not only pull a tube but pull for a good amount of time without wearing out the driver.

The Seadoo Spark brings back the fun that was missing for years in the jet ski market and this type of jet ski is wonderful on gas thanks to the smaller engines and lighter frames. Lite-Recreational jet skis are not the best for rough water, unless you like to launch in the air, but are better suited for small lakes and rivers.


The recreational category of jet skis is the next step above lite-recreational in terms of ride comfort. The best way to put it is that it’s the middleman ski, not too big, not too powerful, and not too overdone on technology.

You won’t be winning any race contest with this machine but that does not matter because these types still do at least 50mph. The usual horsepower you’ll find is around 110 to 165 which is more than enough for your everyday rider.

You will also find that they are a little bigger than the Lite Recreational and a little smaller than the luxury. Some models Jetski that fall into this area is Seadoo’s GTI’s, Yamaha’s VX’s, and Kawasaki STX 15F.

Some of these models do offer a brake and starting in neutral such as the GTI model which makes docking and loading on a trailer a lot easier.

If you’re looking for a good ski to go out on the weekends and don’t want something too overcomplicated and simple to use then the Recreational watercraft is the best fit for you.


This type of Jet Ski is for the people who like to go fast and like to know that any boat that comes their way they can beat them in a race.

Many people think that performance skis can go 100+mph but really from the factory, all jet skis can’t go past 70mph. The 70mph rule is really a gentleman’s agreement with the Coast Guard to help protect people from getting hurt.

 Since there is a cap on top speed many manufacturers have turned their interest to how fast can you get to 70. For example, Seadoo makes a watercraft that can do zero to fifty in under 3 seconds, which’s faster than most supercars and at a fraction of the price.

Don’t let the speed cap stop you from going fast, there happens to be a huge network for parts that push your ski beyond the recommended speeds. If you want to go fast then look no further, the performance watercraft is for you.


This is probably the only type that isn’t available through all manufacturers of jetskis. This category is only available in Seadoo with the WAKE models and what sets them apart is all the Tow Sport options that come with it.

 These models come with a Pylon installed that keeps the tow rope up high and out of the way and also gives something for the spotter to hold on to. You will also get a wakeboard holder too that keeps the board out of the way.

You’ll also get SKI MODE which is a function that your program and the Jet Ski does all the work to get you on a plane and cruising at the speed you set. The best thing about the category is that it usually gives you the best value out of all of them because of the extra features like SKI MODE which also has Cruise Control too which is usually reserved for luxury models.

Even if you already own a Wake Boat you’ll find having a Wake Jet Ski more convenient in that it’s easier to get on and go out for a quick pull and not as much work is needed to put it back up when you’re done. If you want a super practical watercraft with loads of useful features for wakeboarding then the sport, or better yet the Seadoo Wake models are for you.


If you love to go fast but in style then this is the type of jet ski you need. Most of the luxury model’s jet skis still have the same engine that is found in the performance watercraft but they take comfort to the next level.

Some models such as the Seadoo GTX iS LTD has suspension that can be adjusted to different water conditions and also has the same power as the Racing RXP-X 260HP.

Usually, Luxury models also come with all the bells and whistles such as retractable dock lines and depth finders. You can’t go wrong with this model, if you want all the best features and all the best power then a Luxury model is for you.

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