7 Seadoo Spark Features You Didn’t Know About

After selling and riding many sparks I’ve come across some features that many people didn’t know about the spark. You’ll be amazed by the features that Sea-Doo doesn’t tell you in the brochure and even their own website.

1.Modular Body

The great thing about the Spark is that its made of out of material called Poly-Tec which simply put is plastic. What this means to you is that if someone accidentally damages a panel on the Spark all you do is order a new panel. No need to go to the fiberglass shop to get a patch.

This also works great if Seadoo comes out with new colors. Its only 3 panels that determine the color of your Spark and they can be swapped out in about 20 minutes with the right help. I hear that Blue Berry is in the works so if you have a vanilla Spark now and want Blue in the future then it would be no problem since you can swap out the panels.

If Sea Doo releases a new color Spark you can always swap out your old panels for the new color panels.

2. Faster than you might expect

Many people worry that the 60HP or the 90HP are not enough for them but really its more than enough. The 90HP Spark can do 50MPH which is plenty fast enough. Doing 50MPH on a machine the size of the spark feels like doing 80MPH since its so small and agile.

Doing 40MPH on a watercraft is a much different feeling compared to do 40MPH in your car.

3. Great on Gas

The Seadoo Spark is got to the be the most fuel efficient watercraft on the market. Combine with the low weight and small engine you get fantastic gas mileage. Even though the Spark has a gas tank that is half the size of a normal jet ski it uses 3 times less fuel to any other watercraft.

Just to show you how great on gas the Spark is we did a test ride event all day with people after people wanting to ride the spark. From 10AM to 5PM we had the spark out constantly and still didn’t need to put gas in the machine til the next day around lunch. When we did put gas in the Spark it only around $25! You can’t beat the price per fun factor of the Spark!

Since the jet skis don’t go by miles its hard to say what the MPG is on the spark. The average jet ski on the market consumes 10 gallons of gas per hour at full throttle while the Spark consumes only around 2 gallons of gas per hour at full throttle.

4. Easy to work on

Seadoo does give you a side access panel to get to all the major parts of the jet ski but when it comes to working on the spark you do have to remove the top hull. Some might see this as a bad thing but once its off its got to be the easiest water craft to work on.

With the top deck removed the Spark is the easiest watercraft to work on

5. Doesn’t Fade as Easy

A normal fiber glass ski would fade like crazy over time and this is due to the nature of fiberglass. Fiberglass is like your skin, if its not given moisture it will get dry and start to fade. Plastic doesn’t have this problem of fading out and combine with Sea Doo adding UV blocking materiel to the Ploy-tec it makes buying a cover a hard decision.

Don’t get me wrong, a cover is always a good idea to have to keep leaves and other debris off your Spark.

6. The Perfect Second Ski

If you’re looking for another ski but don’t want to fork over too much money then the Spark is for you. If you have kids or friends and you don’t want them tearing up your fiberglass jet ski then getting a Sea doo Spark would be your best option for second ski. The cost is cheaper than any other watercraft, great on gas, if they do damage it all the top panels are modular so they’re easy to replace.

The Seadoo Sparks make for a great addition to your families water toys!

7. The Gauge Tells You Everything

The gauge on the Spark tells you speed, rpm, gas, hours, and even trim on the new 2015 iBR models. On the 90HP models you get two modes which changes the ride of the Spark.

Sport Mode is one of the modes and it allows you to unleash the full power of the Spark. Touring Mode is the other mode and its a more easier going mode and also maximizes your gas mileage.

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