Sea Doo Spark Review

What they don’t tell you!

So you’re thinking about getting a Seadoo Spark? Is it worth it? YES! and little bit of a no too.

The Seadoo Spark is not for everyone. Many people will not like it and will truly think it’s crap. You can’t make everyone happy. I have ridden one and in fact, I own one too. What I want to do is give you my unbiased review of it. Don’t forget to check out the 17 must have accessories for any jet ski!

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How it started

I like to think that Seadoo is the Apple of the watercraft world in the way they release new products. The Spark has got to be Seadoo’s iPhone. Five color options, 2 seater or 3 seater and two engine options.

Before they released the Spark we all taught Seadoo should really release a cheaper watercraft that was a 2 seater with a small engine. We actually thought that Seadoo would have put their new Evinrude 2-stroke Engine in a Jet Ski and would have called it something crazy like GTI-S or something similar.

We got the small details wrong but the concept was correct, Seadoo released a more affordable watercraft in September 2013. The world loved it!

First Ride

I can actually remember the first ride on the Spark. It was December and as soon as we got it off the truck we bust it out of the crate, put gas in it and took it to the lake. It was about 20 degrees out but no one cared because everyone wanted to ride it.

What we noticed when riding it was that we never really got wet nor did we want to get that cold lake water on us. We could easily spin it out and jump our own wakes. The top speed was 50MPH but it felt like 80MPH since the Spark Watercraft is so small.

Fuel Cost

To satisfy the demand for the sparks we actually did a test ride on it for two days. The Spark got a lot more attention than the bigger watercraft. From 10am to 5pm for both days we always had someone out on the spark really putting it through its paces. It cost us about $25 to fill it up and we didn’t have to fill it back up til later in the next day.

We’re talking about $25 is what it cost to run a Spark from 10 to 5 at full throttle. This is incredibly cheap for a watercraft, a normal size watercraft would be double that.

The Demand

I never expected to sell out of Seadoo Spark but we did and it happen during the summer. The demand for Sparks are huge! The price point is great and since writing this post in February we have sold 10% of our Spark Inventory so far.

My Spark

-3up 90HP Licorice base model with manual reverse added

So I did end up getting a Spark for myself and I love it! Super great on gas, super playful, very light weight, and has everything you need in a watercraft. But this wouldn’t be an unbiased review if I didn’t talk about the bad parts of the spark.

The bad: I really only have one bad thing to say about the spark, and Seadoo could easily fix it. The seat sucks! The seat is not the most comfortable thing in the world. I wouldn’t mind having a seat that has extra padding in it and was a little wider. After about 45 minutes of riding my butt starts to hurt and I end up standing instead.

Pay attention Seadoo!

If Seadoo could make a big touring seat, the Spark would easily be the best watercraft ever made. This is coming from a guy who has ridden every model of Sea-Doo (except LRV and HX) they have ever made.

What I got on my spark

I never got the front storage bucket because I never really need to carry anything. Everything I have either fits in the glove box or in the side access panel for the Saftey Kit. I also never got the reboarding step either.  While at the dock I tested to see if I could get on the Spark without the step and I could so I never felt the need for one.

What the spark comes with

The Spark has everything you need such as a Gas Guage, RPM Guage, and Hour meter. You also get a Sport mode and Touring Mode on the 90HP engine Spark. The Spark also comes with a Closed-Loop cooling system that never takes in ocean or lake water so you don’t have to worry about corrosion or debris for your engine. The closed loop cooling system also helps with winterizing your spark since the engine doesn’t use water to cool it so you don’t have to flush the engine out when winter comes. You still have to worry about the exhaust since it does take in water to cool and muffle it.

Check out the Sea Doo Spark Buyers Guide

The Spark does NOT come with a cover but I never bought one. I do recommend one but I never had a problem with fading from the sun for my Sea doo Spark. The Spark is not like a normal boat where its made from fiberglass, which is porous and dries out when exposed to the sun. The Spark is made of plastic which does not dry out and does have UV protectants in it. The cover does keep the leaves and anything else nature will throw at it.

25 thoughts on “Sea Doo Spark Review”

  1. Hey I was just wondering if the comfort seat is actually worth it? Does it make a big difference? much wider/bigger is it?

  2. Hi Steven! I did pre-ordered a Spark 2021 2up. Never had a wave runner before. My friend who has a Yamaha, told me that the Spark 2up is unstable and if I want to ride it smoothly, slowly with my 13 year old daughter that I will find it not stable. He didn’t recommend for long riding like few miles on the lake. Is it true? Also I did choose the IBR brakes in option, is it worth the price difference?



    • The Sea-Doo Spark and Yamaha EX models are not as stable as the bigger models like the GTI or VX. For a 2up Spark, I would not expect two adults to ride comfortably, but an adult and a child will be fine depending on weight. I would not expect the Spark or EX to be a dry ride so plan to get wet when you ride. The stability is not the issue when it comes to long rides but the seat itself, I find it gets uncomfortable if I ride for more than an hour. Not much padding on the seat, but Sea-Doo does sell a touring seat which helps. As for iBR, it’s a must-have especially for new riders as it gives you better control.

  3. I feeling like the Spark is what fits my Family. Would it have enough power to pull a Skier? I Dont really want to go up a Model

    • I’ve had my Sea-Doo Spark Since 2014 when they first came out and had no issues. Beyond replacing the battery for the first time in 6 years and routinely changing the oil it’s been trouble-free.

  4. Hi Steven! Greetings from Denmark ? I also enjoy reading about your knowledge and experience with the spark. Im about to buy a Seadoo spark 2up 2015 model. I already read that there are no changes in design for the new ones. But what about engine and electronics?


    • Nothing changed from the first release of the 2014 Sea-Doo Spark to the 2015 models. Even today there is little change beyond color and some fine-tuning of the material and such.

  5. I am interested in buying a spark trixx 3up. However, will the 3up be able to do the same amount of trixx or does the extended rear end prevent a lot of the trixx and stuff one can do. I always see the 2up in the videos, so I can’t really tell.

    • Oil changes are not hard but getting to the spark plugs can be hard. What sucks the most about the Spark is that to do any real engine stuff you need to take the top deck off, but once the top deck is off it’s the easiest thing to work on. A lot of techs are so used to taking the top deck off that they’ll do it even for basic stuff because it’s easier overall.

  6. I have a 2014 2 up spark purchased new. Love it and is kept on a lift at our lake in wisconsin. It has a cover and stored indoors in winter. Well taken care of but disagree on the sticker issue. Cant find a sticker to stay on this machine. Even the dnr sticker will not stay on. Tried everything but nothing works. This is my only complaint and love the ski even though it has no stickers.

  7. I enjoyed reading your review. It is November in Wisconsin and I decided to buy the new 2019 spark 2up. I got a good deal because it is winter and the 2020 models are coming out. I also got the cover 50% off and the trailer for $900. In total it was $8,500. I spent the extra $500 for custom graphics which should help fading if that is ever a problem and prevent damage if I spill gas. I mostly got it for the look. I got the 90 hp with IBR. It has the re-boarding step and front storage bin which I wanted. I also got the comfort seat because of your review. When looking for a jetski I had two things on my mind. Price and enjoyment. I grew up on a 2009 seadoo GTX. Now being 20 I decided to go for the spark. My main enjoyment with a jetski is to tour but mostly tear up the water and just have fun. Tow sports was not on my list however I did order mirrors so I can on a 2up watercraft. The dealer recommended the spark trixx but I didn’t feel like spending the extra money to do water wheelies and have VTS. It was very helpful to read your review before my purchase. Thank you!

  8. I just bought two of the 2019 model 2 ups, and I noticed they look the same as the 2015 model. Have they changed anything within these years besides color options?

    • The Sea-Doo Sparks have not changed design since they first came out in 2014 besides color. The Trixx looks a little different but still the same design.

    • You can not swap out the 2up seat for a 3up. The 3up has a different upper body that holds the seat along with a longer lower hull to support the extra weight. There is no easy to make a 2up a 3up, its best to buy the 3up instead.

  9. I see you haven’t had a problem with fading on your spark but asn I look at some used ones they are all very faded and have weird drip spots on the black. There are also blemishes almost like flat scrapes all over the black area. Also, the seadoo sticker is peeled off on almost all the used 2015-16 models I see. Can you offer your thoughts?

    • The weird drips come from when people put gas in them and spill it. It usually goes away for me when I leave it in the sun. The sticker issue I’m not sure on as mine are not falling off, it could be that many people don’t take care of the machine like I do? I’ve been keeping my Spark out in the sun at the dock (no cover) for a few months now with no fading at all and it’s doing fine. You would be amazed by some of the jet skis I would see come back in for a service – I had one guy buy a 2007 RXP and somehow in 2 years it turned PINK (this should not be possible). You never know what people do to there machines and the biggest reason why I wrote my ebook on what to look out for when buying used


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