Best Time To Buy A Jet Ski – It’s Not What You Expect!

Let me go ahead and answer the question, the best time to get a jet ski is probably the worst time to buy one.

I know I wrote a little about this in a post here but I wanted to go into more details about the best time to buy. It’s a bit more tricky then giving a simple date, let me explain.

The Absolute Best Time

If I had to give you an exact time to buy a jet ski to get the best deals then that would be August or September.

Those two months are going to be the golden months to get a great deal on a jet ski.

Why might you ask? That is when the Jet Ski manufactures release the new models for next year. So if it’s 2017, they’ll be releasing the 2018’s around August to September 2017. I know that car makers are a year ahead, and that can be confusing but for the most part jet skis current year models are the year you’re in now.

Why August or September

August or September are not set in stone as being the time to buy. What determines it is when they release the new ones. For all we know they could change it up and release next year models in June so keep that in mind.

But for the most part, it’s always been either those two months.

Right before the release of the new models, the manufacturer wants the dealers to sell as many of the last year models as possible so that they’ll buy the latest models. With that in mind, the manufacturer cranks out some great rebates and warranties that you don’t see often.

But There’s A Catch!

While it’s often that the manufactures will release some great promotions during August or September it doesn’t mean it will be great all the time. Sometimes the market is good, and many dealers don’t have much stock, so they don’t need to give many incentives.

Sometimes the market is bad, and dealers have a lot of inventory, so they need to give great rebates.

Just like the stock market it’s not best to time the jet ski market either. Some years are good, and some are bad.

What controls when it’s the right time to buy is often when no one is buying. Like in the winter months or offseasons. You’re going to find the best time to buy when the season is ending or is in the offseason. The catch is that when it’s the offseason, it’s not the best time to ride a jet ski as its usually cold.

The Curve Ball

The good news is that you’ll get curve balls sometimes. Either before the season starts or in the dead heat of it, you’ll find that manufacturers will come out with some great promotions.

Make sure to know the promotions before buying a jet ski, check out the manufactures websites here…




I’ve seen some crazy good promotions given in the middle of the jet ski season either because sales were slow or sales were good. The jet ski gods decided to sell – sell – sell!

Don’t Forget The Dealers

When I say what is a good time to buy a new jet ski don’t forget that each dealership might be running a promotion themselves. Make sure to follow your local dealership website or even facebook page to see if they have any models they want to move.

It’s usually the leftover models that are the most wanted to move, and you might find some dealerships with a couple prior year models that they need to be gone. Often, the manufacturer gives the better rebates to the leftover models. So if the price is a concern ask about those first.

When Do They Ship The New PWCs?

If you have to have the latest model watercraft you might be wondering when do they ship? What usually happens is that Australia gets the newest models first because as we head into winter in U.S.A, Australia is heading into summer.

You can expect the new stuff to roll in around January all the way up to May depending on what the dealership orders in the US. If you need to get your jet ski as soon as possible make sure to talk to your local dealership about putting a deposit on the watercraft.

Usually, a deposit can help get the craft there quicker since they have money on it.

Worst Time?

There is not a bad time to buy a jet ski, but you can time the market wrong. Just like everything in life when there is more demand than supply prices go up. If you want a jet ski that has a lot of demand but little supply you’re usually not going to get the best deal possible.

But why do they do it like that? Well, you may not want to pay that much for the watercraft but the next guy will since the demand for it is so high. That’s why companies like Apple have no problem selling expensive phones because there is demand for it.

The right timing can also play in your favor. Every region will have different promotions, so the person in Tennessee will have different promotions than the person in New Mexico. It’s important not to worry or concern yourself with what others are getting for their jet ski but concern yourself with what’s selling and not selling if all you care about is the price.

Note: If you really want a jet ski and it’s the heat of the season, and the dealership has it in stock then buy it. I’ve seen many people try to time it right and when they usually wait the models are gone for the rest of the year, and another one can’t be located. Just like money, time is a precious resource but one you can’t get back. Sometimes it’s better to bite the bullet and buy now and enjoy the summer with your family then it is to find that one golden nugget of a good deal.

Comparing Prices Online

I know no one likes to feel like they got a bad deal on something as expensive as a jet ski but it’s important to remember that people lie a lot on the internet.

You’ll get the guy on the forms saying he got a jet ski for much lower than the quotes you get. Don’t forget that different regions will have different promotions depending on what is selling. Setting the various regions to the side it’s important to remember people like to tell stories that make them look like the hero. We get this from all the movies and books we read in our lives; we just want our friends and even random strangers to know we won the battle.

While I’m not going to say that it’s not possible to get amazing deals – they’re out there – but you can’t always believe what you read.

The Full Picture

Don’t forget to get the complete picture when shopping. Never trust non-MSRP prices you see on dealers websites. Usually, the dealership can’t advertise below MSRP on current year models but can make the price of last year model anything they want.

You’ll see lower, often crazy low prices on last year models. This is a selling technique to get you to call or email. Always get the final price in writing and remember that this can be a gamble. If you don’t live in the state that you bought from you might not get the full promotions, and this is why I encourage people to buy from their closest dealership or one in their state.

It’s more vital to buy from your local dealership for the simple fact you’ll need to take it to someone you trust. You’ll need someone to service and work on it and having someone near that is good is more ideal. It’s honestly worth the extra cost of buying from your local dealership as they can be more of the less hassle approach in such a time demanding world.

After You Buy

After you have bought the Jet Ski, or even before you get one, you’ll need to make sure you have all the correct gear and tips.

I have a guide on the 107 must have jet ski accessories and tips that will help you get on the right track for when it comes to jet ski know how.


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