2016 Sea Doo Wake Pro 215 Review

The Wake models ( Wake 155 and Wake Pro 215) are very unique watercraft since they don’t have any competitors. No other manufacture even makes a Wake model with all the features that Seadoo has standard on them. To be honest the Wake Models are the best value with the most features you can get for any watercraft.

Please note that some of the pictures below will have added accessories to them that the Standard out of the crate Wake Models will not have.


The Wake 155 and Wake Pro 215 share a lot of similarities but differ mostly in the body size and engine size. This review will be on the Wake Pro 215.

denium blue

The Wake Models just so happen to be one of our more popular models, especially the Wake 155.

What Makes Them So Special

What makes the Wake models so special is the wake features like the Ski Pylon, Ski Mode, and Wake Board rack. No other watercraft has a Ski Pylon which helps to get the tow rope up higher for a better pull while also giving the spotter something to hold on to when riding backwards.

2016 Wake Pro (12)

The ski pylon has two handles that really helps the spotter to hold on to.

The Ski Pylon has 3 different modes for different pulling effects. Don’t forget to also get a shock tube when pulling with any boat.

Don’t forget to check out the must have Jet Ski Accessories. 

Ski Mode Vs Cruise Control

The Ski Mode is a computer-aided throttle that gives the person you’re pulling the perfect constant pull every time. No need to guess how much throttle do you need to give or wondering if you’re giving too much throttle compared to the last pull.

The Ski Mode allows you to set the experience level of the rider and then pick the speed you want to cruise at. All the driver has to do once the Ski Mode is active is hold in the throttle and the Seadoo Wake does all the work for you. It gets you on plain and will pull at the speed selected. You can even raise and lower the speed as needed.

wake pro seat logo

Ski Mode is not the same as Cruise Control, which the Wake Models do have both. The Ski mode controls take off power which is the hardest to control when on a Jet Ski. Don’t be fooled by other manufactures with there lack of Ski Mode saying its just like Cruise, both serve there purpose and if you want to pull tubes or Skiers then ski mode is a must.

Wake board Rack

The Wake models also have a wake board rack. This rack gets the wake board out of the foot wells like where most riders place them and puts them on the side out of the way.

This wakeboard rack holder is easily removable with a push of a button.

New Seat

One of my favorite new features of the 2016 Wake Pro is the new Ergo Lock Seat. This seat is just amazing compared to what I’ve ridden in the past. So much level of thought and details went into this seat to make this watercraft one of the most comfortable and sporty seats around.

ergo lock seats

This new seat is the same Seadoo uses in there 300HP version to help with cornering, which does help since the Wake Pro does pack a 215 HP engine that can push the watercraft above 60MPH.

wake ergo lock seats blue

But racing aside this seat is very comfortable which you need on the Pro version Wake. The Pro version wake is for the person who tubes or ski’s all day long. The driver has the best seat in the house and can really sit on it all day long if one had to. I’ve been known to sit on this seat in the showroom since it sits better than my desk chair.

Sitting on this new ergo lock seat is like sitting on a seat that looks visually big but at the same time feels small. Its an odd experience, but none the less the seat is great! The best advice I can give is just sit on this seat then sit on other watercraft seats and then you’ll understand.

Talk About Comfort

While we’re talking about comfort I also want to point out the new handle bars. The handle bars now have a palm rest that makes steering more comfortable. I like how Seadoo has put the Customer Comfort First for 2016.

handle bar palm rest

The palm rest didn’t change the feel of the handle bars and I only really noticed the effects of them while riding for more than 30 minutes. After 30 minutes I was less fatigued especially with the new seat. I love the new palm rest and wish all manufactures would adopt this style.

The Wake Pro has Adjustable Handle Bars too. You can move the handle bars up and down and the gauge will follow too. So if you like to ride standing up you can still see the gauge.


The Wake Models like the Wake Pro 215 have VTS. VTS is Variable Trim System, which is just a fancy way of saying that you can control the angle of the watercraft up and down. The VTS is all done by push button and is within reach of the left thumb on the handle bars.

You can adjust the trim on the go at any speeds. Trimming all the way up can create a bigger wake for you when you pull. Trimming all the way down allows you to plow through the waves. You have many different trim settings that you can adjust while out riding or pulling.


One of the key differences between the Wake 155 and Wake Pro is the storage. The Pro has removable front storage with more storage underneath.

front storage lid

The removable front storage can be carried around to the house to fill up before your adventures.

removeable front storage

Bigger objects can be placed under the removable storage for easy access.

front storage

Little interesting tidbit – in the picture above you can see air intakes. Seadoo takes in the air from the front of the watercraft because that air is cooler. Other manufacturers will take in air above the engine where its hot. Cold air gives you more power and better fuel economy. Its this level of detail that I love about Seadoo. 

You also have Glove box storage which feels very deep. This is where you’ll keep all the things you need to get to quickly. You could easily fit flip flops, phones, small towel, and a water bottle if you had to.

glove box storage

iBR 2.0

One of the big changes that Seadoo has done for 2016 is that they have improved the Brakes. If you’re new to the Jet Ski world then brakes on a boat are a fairly new idea. Seadoo was the first watercraft manufacture to do it in 2009 and 7 years later they have improved it even more.

wake pro ibr

While other manufacturers try to catch up with Seadoo and its Brake Technology seadoo is already on Version 2.0. This new version allows for faster stopping and better control.

iBR is also your reverse too. On the right hand side is your throttle and the left hand side is the brakes or reverse. Brakes and reverse are pretty much the same. Having the controls at your finger tips makes docking a lot easier since there is no levers to pull.

Check out this video of me showing you how to drive a Seadoo.

With the iBR you also will start in Neutral every time. So as soon as you hit the start button you just sit there and the machine waits for you next command. It doesn’t matter if you shut the engine down in forward mode it will always start in neutral.

Learning Key and Normal Key

With most Seadoo Models you get 2 keys. A Normal Key and a Learning Key. The Normal key is your master key that gives you full power of your machine.

The Learning key is a slower key. The big perk of this key is that it can be programmed from 32mph up to 50mph with 5 spots total. So you can set the speed of the watercraft to max out at the one of those 5 speeds you have set for that key.

seadoo key rf

The Seadoo Keys are more than safety lanyards. These keys are digitally encrypted to your Seadoo. The Seadoo Keys do NOT need batteries to work and will float if dropped in the water. Other manufactures use a Key Flob that runs on batteries and is ruin when you get it wet, which is bound to happen on a watercraft. The Seadoo Key uses RF technology to determine if your key is programmed to your machine so that no one can just hop on and take it. This also allows you to have different type of keys that control speed too.

dess post

Big Swim Platform

A huge perk of the Wake Pro 215 is the bigger Swim Platform in the rear. This platform is actually different than the 2015 ones. The old ones had access panels in the rear for the battery and iBR.

wake pro swim platform

Speed ties do not come with the wake models. The Wake Models only come with one Wake Board Rack. If you ever need to know if you can have speed ties and retractable dock line installed at the same time then this photo is proof that you can. 

Since Seadoo has changed the battery, which is easier to install, and the iBR is in a different location Seadoo now has a more flat area in the rear. You now have less going on in the rear and more surface area for your board to rest on before you jump in the water with it.

Also in the rear you have the fold down rebaording step. This step helps you to get back on to the watercraft from the water.

Also notice how the mats on Seadoo’s are nice and smooth. This is important if you ride bare foot all the time. Mats with horizontal groves in them will start to cut into your foot if you have sensitive feet like I do. Seadoo Mats are smooth and feel great on the feet. Its these little details you’ll miss out when buying since you’ll be wearing shoes at the dealership.

Wake Pro Front and Color

wake pro front blue

For the longest time the Wake Models have always been this red and black color. Its nice to see some new colors coming to the Wake Models. The Pro has a denim blue which a flat blue. This new blue does not show any fingerprints or smudges either.

I wish more watercraft had this flat color to it, it makes cleaning so much easier.

Also, the Wake Pro has the gas fill on the side. Its just a simple flip up lid, no unscrewing or anything like that. Also its easy to get to without having to open hoods.

The Wake pro has adjustable mirrors while the Wake 155 has fixed wide angle mirrors.



The Wake models have both analog and digital gauges. The great thing about Seadoo Gauges is that the digital one is big and very easy to read. You don’t realize how important big readable gauges are until you’ve been on a machine with small or no gauges.

Also, the Gauges is tied to the handle bars and will follow when you adjust them. On top the Gauge has a sun blocker to help block out the glare from the sun. Around the gauge is a flat black which blocks out sun glare from your eyes.

Modes – Sport Touring Eco

Not only do you get two keys but when you have the master key in you get some ride options. All models will default into Touring mode which is a tamed mode. When you hit the throttle in Touring its gives you a nice and easy take off.

Sport Mode gives you full power nothing holds you back.

Eco Mode gives you the best gas mileage with the feel of Touring mode and a top speed of about 45mph depending on water conditions.

Its nice to have different modes. You don’t go full power all the time and it nice that Seadoo defaults to Touring so you don’t take a new rider by surprise. The first day on the job they put me on a 215 HP RXT which was the fastest in its day. It had only one mode back in the day and it was fast. I wish I had touring mode back then, that really scared me the first time I hit that throttle. Just because you have 215HP doesn’t mean you need 215hp all the time.

New Battery

Wake Pro Battery

This may not be important to some and many will not care, but this is a great feature to me. Seadoo has gone to the battery that they use in there Sparks to now have them in all watercraft in 2016. Its a small change but it makes changing the battery easier.

The battery is also smaller and lighter too. I also had great luck with this type of battery in the past since it was also used in BRP’s (the parent company of Seadoo) Can AM’s ATVs. I actually still have my original Spark Battery from December 2013 in my Spark. I will admit that I use a Solar Panel (Amazon Link Ad) to keep its charge when I’m not riding.



I started working at a power sports dealership in 2007, I worked in parts, service counter, and as a technician before moving to sales in 2013. I created in 2014 to answer common watercraft questions I would get from people. Now managing the site full-time, I continue to provide advice and web tools for my readers about watercraft. I've owned several watercraft, with a Sea-Doo Spark as my current main PWC.


  1. We love water/tow sports and within the next year will purchase a wake/tow boat. In the interim, I want to get a pair of skis that the family could have fun on and behind, as well as be stable enough for cruising around for time to time with my wife. I am currently looking at a pair of 2017 Wake 155s. They have just over 40 hours and an extended warranty until 2023. Approx. $17K with aluminum trailer and appear to be in great shape. Do you have any concerns with this particular model of ski, and is there anything in particular I should be looking for during a sea trial?

    • Nothing for the Wake 155, it’s a great ski with a great engine. Just make sure the Sport and Wake Models work and the buttons are not stiff that would be on the only thing I would worry about. Touring mode should be a slower take off but still get to top speed and sport mode is instant power. I would also make sure the Pylon goes up and down easily, sometimes they need a little grease as they dry out over time. I have more info about checking out used jet skis here


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