2015 Sea Doo GTI Limited 155 Review

The GTI LTD 155 is the start of of the Luxury Class of Seadoo Watercraft. The 155HP engine allows this machine to give you all the power you would need while giving you all the features you crave.

gti limited

Hi, my name is Steven. I created this review to help show people who are looking to buy a GTI LTD 155 what features it has. I’ll show you features you can’t find anywhere else and benefits of buying this Seadoo.for buying one.

A Step Above

The GTI LTD is just a step above its little brother the GTI SE 155. Both GTI SE 155 and GTI LTD 155 have the same engine that powers them both to about 60MPH. Where we start to see a difference is that the GTI LTD comes with so much more.

cover gti
safty kit dry bag storage

The GTI LTD 155 comes with a Seadoo Cover which has a built in bag for storage and to also allow the cover to dry. You also get a Safety kit which includes dock line, whistle, and a flashlight. To help you carry some of your stuff around a dry bag is also given to you as well.

Front Features

The front of the GTI LTD 155 has a included Splash Guard to cut down on splash-back from the waves.

splash guard

You also have 30 Gallons of total Storage. As you can see below in the picture you have a place for the safety kit and fire extinguisher.


The Gas Fill location is nice and easy to get to under the front hood of the GTI LTD. This makes filling up at the gas docks so much easier since its closer to you.

gti gas screw fill up

The Cockpit

The area you’ll be spending most of your time is what I call the Cockpit. This is the area where you sit and look at all the gauges and control the jet ski.

mirrors cleat dash

The great thing about Seadoo is that they really know how to design something down to the littlest of details. Take for example the Gauge. Notice how Sea Doo has a nice big and easy to read Gauge.

Go look at other manufactures gauges and you’ll notice that the real gauge is tiny and hard to see. Also Seadoo Uses analog and digital read outs which work well and give the machine a full featured feel.

You also have mirrors that make you legal for towing in some states. In the Above picture you see that you have Cleats for docking right at the handle bar level. This makes it easy to tie up to the dock and when you’re done just tow the rope in the front compartment.

ibr handle bars

In the above picture you see the left side of the GTI LTD 155. The left side has the iBR system which is you Brakes and Reverse. Also I like to show you that the handlebar grips are nice and comfortable but still give you a good grip.

cruise control slow speed mode

On the Right side of the Handle bars you have the Throttle for forward movement. You also have the Cruise Control and Slow Speed Mode too. Cruise allows you to set the speed you want to cruise at.

Slow Speed Mode is activated when the GTI is in Neutral. Holding the Cruise Button down in Neutral will turn on Slow Speed Mode which allows you to cruise from 1MPH to 5MPH.

Attention To Detail

It may not mean much to some people, but it means a whole lot to me.

key gti ltd no screws

I love how Seadoo doesn’t have any exposed screws visible while sitting on the jet ski. I’ve noticed that some manufactures have screw holes and exposed screws everywhere on the handle bars which give the waverunner a cheap feel.

You also can see in the above picture where the Key goes too. You get Two Seadoo Keys which are digitally encrypted to your machine. One of the Keys is a Learning Key which you can Program from 32MPH to 50MPH. This is only found on SeaDoo.

On the left of the handlebars you’ll see “Sport” and “ECO”. These are different modes you can choose when you ride. You default to Touring mode which is a slow take off to top speed mode. Sport is Full power Mode and ECO gives you the best gas mileage.

seadoo gti ltd seat gray

Just look at the picture above, look at the attention to detail that they put into the seat. You’ll never notice this in a brochure or video but having 3 different level of texture just shows you the level that Seadoo goes to for its customers.

The Power

The GTI Limited is powered by a Rotax 155HP Marine Engine. When compared to other engines I do have to say that it looks a lot better and more clean cut than any other waverunner engine.

155 hp

Seadoo uses a Closed Loop Cooling system that uses anti-freeze just like your car. This keeps salt water and debris from going into the engine and damaging it.

From working on many different watercraft in the past the first thing I notice with Sea Doo is the large area to work with. Sea Doo has really design an engine that is very compact, light weight, and best of all everything is easy to get to. Doing a simple oil change on other waverunners can be hard because the oil filter is located on the side. While on the other hand Seadoo has its oil filter on top with easy to reach location.

Another thing I’ve notice from other jet ski’s is that the air box is on top of the engine. The problem is that hot air from the engine rises up to the air box. Taking in hot air makes the engine run less efficiently. You’ll notice on the Seadoo the air intake is in the front where the cool air will be. These are the little details you’ll miss.

gti closed loop cooling ride plate

The Ride Plate as shown in the image above is the Radiator of the Closed Loop Cooling System. Anti-Freeze flows through that plate and works as a heat exchanger to cool the engine.

Click here to learn more about Closed Loop Vs Open Loop

You’ll also notice that the Intake is a little forward of the ride plate and this is where the craft takes in water to move you forward. A Jet Ski has no exposed prop making it safer for tow sports.

The nozzle allows you to steer the craft and works much like how a Jet or even a rocket works to control movement.

ibr gti ltd

You can see the that the water goes from the intake to the pump where it is forced out of the output of the nozzle.

You also notice that the iBR Gate is a piece of metal that drops down infront of the output to redirect the thrust. The GTI LTD will always start in neutral which means that the iBR gate will be in the middle. When you go in reverse the Gate drops, even more, to move the thrust to the front of the craft. When in forward, which it is in now, the thrust propels the craft forward. When applying the brake the iBR gate drops down completely to work as a parachute to slow you down. Keep holding down the brake and eventually, you’ll go in reverse.

re boarding ladder

To help you get back on the GTI LTD from the water you have the re-boarding ladder in the rear pictured above.

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