9 Must Have Trailer Accessories – Jet Ski, Boat, and Utility

boat trailer jet ski accessories

Trailers seem to be the forgotten hero of the recreational world. Without them, we would not be able to get our toys to the locations we need.

One of the most common questions I get is what accessories do I need for my jet ski trailer? Jet Ski Trailers seem so simple that you would think you don’t need much to get going with them, right? WRONG!

Let’s go over the must-have jet ski trailer accessories!

The Back Saver

Need Level = 9

The tongue jack is a must have for anyone with a heavy trailer. Another feature of this tongue jack is the ability to move your trailer around without the need of a truck. Most tongue jacks have a wheel that will assist you in moving around the garage or concrete.

I would have given the tongue jack a perfect 10 but sometimes some trailers are so perfectly balanced that it becomes pointless. Most of the time trailers are heavy and using the jack is a must have so 9 suits it just fine. For many, a tongue jack is a must-have accessory for your jet ski trailer.

They even have electric tongue jacks!

Spare Tire

Need Level = 10

Having a Spare Tire is a must have! The need level should be 11 because it’s so important. If the tire goes out then what? Leaving the trailer behind can be a huge risk for someone to steal your stuff.

Here is a link to the most common Spare Tire, but you might have to contact local trailer dealer you bought it from to get the correct one.

Also, you’ll need a place to mount the spare tire. This is the spare tire mount I use for my trailers. 

Tip: Sometimes you can get trailer tongue jack with a spare tire mount on the opposite of it. 

There have been times when I’ve replaced a spare tire and further down the road the other tire goes out, what do you do then?



Strap it Down

Need Level = 9

The stuff you’re hauling is probably important so having good straps is important. Plus the price on Straps is so great for what they do you would be crazy to not use them. I use these straps since they are retractable. 

Tip: How you use a strap is simple. You place the strap through the center hole and then back to the top. Remember – Center then Top.

I often get asked if someone strap down there jet ski to the trailer. The answer is yes! There have been times when I wasn’t going very far to the ramp with my jet ski and didn’t strap the watercraft down. But there also been times when the main strap on the trailer has failed and the back straps have to save the watercraft from falling off. To solve this problem at least use the pull tight straps since it literally takes a couple of seconds to put on.

Pull tight straps don’t require any special tip to learn how to use them, they just work!


Stop the Rolling – Wheel Chocks

Need Level = 6

Blocking or Chocking the wheels off is very important. The good news is that you don’t need anything special to chock wheels off.

I use bricks to block my wheels off on all my trailers since they’re so cheap and I have plenty of them.

The only golden rule I have is to avoid the all-plastic wheel chocks. These place wheel chocks for trailer wheels just don’t work well. There have been times when I forget that they’re then and when you pull away you crush it.

I do highly recommend these wheel chocks. These are all rubber wheel chocks for trailer work the best. They give great grip, which the plastic ones lack, and best of all they don’t break.


Backing up to the Trailer

Need Level Pro = 1

Need Level Not Pro = 10

There is nothing harder than backing up to the trailer to hook up. You don’t have to overshoot and damage your truck. You want to be perfect where all you got to do is just drop the trailer down on the ball.

This task has gotten easier when all modern trucks and cars have back up cameras, but not everyone has a truck with these cameras.

The simple solution is to get these backup alignment balls. Just place one on the receiver and the other on the trailer and back up to the trailer. When the balls touch you have reached where you need to be.


Trailer Lock

Need Level = 10

You got to have a Trailer Lock. You don’t want the simple locks that anyone can break. You can get a lock for the tongue of your trailer here.

Don’t forget to pick up the locking hitch-pin. Even if you have a lock in the trailer anyone can come up and pull the hitch out of your truck and hook up to there tuck. A Hitch lock will keep this from happening.



Trailer Lights Adapters

Need Level = 10

Many trailers still use the flat wire design while all truck manufacturers have gone to the round adaptor. More than likely you’ll need the adapters so your lights work. The good news is that these trailer light adaptors are simple and affordable.

Trailer light adaptors are often overlooked by beginners when it comes to jet ski trailer accessories.


Trailer Guides

Need Level = 5

Backing up a trailer is just not easy. The good news is that Trailer Guides exist to help you backing up a boat trailer. 

These things just attach to just about any trailer, and I mean any trailer and gives you a better view of your trailers when backing up.

One trick I’ve learned is to drop the tailgate of your truck and look back to back in the trailer. For when you can’t do this then these trailer guides come into play.

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