2016 Seadoo New Model Line Up Release

Sea Doo has finally released what they’re going to do for 2016. It looks like a lot of my predictions came true. We also got some new and interesting updates that many will not mention, but luckily we got them.

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We all waited for this update and it looks like my predictions were mostly true. We now have a new engine which is apart of the ACE engine line up. This “1630 ACE” is completely new and built from the ground up.

ace seadoo 300 hp

Seadoo Took a new look at the old engine and increased the displacement to 1630cc while increasing the power. Still using a Super Charger to get the max amount of power, but the kicker is that the supercharger on the new engine is actually smaller.

To help keep the max amount of power Seadoo has really focused on cooling and new manufacturing techniques to give the engine the maximum amount of power.

ace engine

The 300HP engine will be in only 3 models for 2016 – The RXP-X, RXT-X, and the GTX Limited 300. Notice how I say the GTX Limited 300 and not just “GTX Limited”. What Seadoo did is now they’re giving you two engine options on the old GTX Limited 215, you can still do the 215 or you can bump up to the 300.

rxp x 2016

Models with suspension will not get the new 300HP engine. So the RXT-X aS and the GTX Limited iS will still be using the 260Hp engine.

Oh yeah, lets not forget the new supercharger on the 300HP is maintenance free. 

2016 rxp x


Along with the new engine Seadoo is giving some models a ErgoLock seat much like what the RXP-X has. This seat allows you to be more confident in corners without wearing your arms out. This seat really allows you to lock you legs in and gives you all the confidence to use this 300HP engine to its fullest.


Also some of the new seats now have visible dividers for the 3 people who can sit. These dividers are back supports that add a little bit extra on comfort.

New Color Seadoo Sparks

I always knew Seadoo would do a Blue Color Spark, but never expected them to do matching color seats. Its also nice to see that they’re doing the green and red, both of which look really good.

green blue red spark

Models with iBR on Sparks are now coming with the Convenience Package and the RF DESS Key like the bigger Seadoos have. Also Seadoo mention that you can also have a Learning key option on the Sparks with iBR and Convenience Package.

Green Spark
blue berry spark

The new colors names are Vanilla, Pineapple, Blue Berry, Key Lime, and Chili Pepper.

It looks like I got the Spark-X wrong. Seadoo was working on a bigger ACE engine but it was for the bigger machine to push them to 300HP. As for me thinking that they might do a new body and seeing pictures of what looked like a new body was only the RXT’s and GTX’s with there new ErgoLock Seats.

Price on Seadoo Sparks

The days of the $4999 Sparks are over for 2016. It was bound to happen, but the good news that the price didn’t go up that much. The base model Spark is now starting at $5,199 and 3up HO ACE Spark with the iBR and Convenience Package Plus (top of the line Spark) starts at $7,399. The Sparks still dominate as being the most affordable watercraft on the market!

Handle Bar Grips

The attention to detail and rider comfort is just amazing for 2016. All Models are getting the new style handle bar grips that cut down on rider discomfort. These grips really do cradle your palm.

new handle bar grip for seadoo


Many have not noticed with all the 2016 is that they have a new battery and some models have a new location for the battery. The battery is actually the same as the Spark and ATV battery. Its smaller and lighter, adding to Seadoo level of detail.

new seadoo battery

With the new location the back end of of the new S3 bodies look so different. No access panels in the rear anymore. Now you have a nice seamless and large swim pad on the rear.

swim platform of seadoo

Updated iBR (Brakes)

While other manufactures try to catch up with Seadoo and its Brake technology for a watercraft, Seadoo is already on Version 2. The new version is more responsive, felt pretty responsive before. The new iBR improvements seem to come from the new bucket they’re using. The new bucket looks a lot like the bucket on the sparks with iBR.

Seadoo ibr

The new iBR can now stop you up to 160 ft shorter according to BRP.


Seadoo has clean up the area under the storage box on the S3 hull models. When you remove the bucket you have more storage underneath.

seadoo storage box

Sea Doo 2016 Model Pictures

2016 gtx ltd is
2016 gti ltd
2016 gti se 130
2016 wake pro
2016 gtx 155
gtx limited is 260 2016



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