2016 Seadoo GTI Limited 155 Review

The GTI Limited 155 is the start of the luxury watercraft. All the limiteds come with a lot features and accessories that most everyone needs. So getting a limited model pretty much got you covered for all the things you’ll need when it comes to owning a watercraft.

gti ltd front

This is going to be a little review of the 2016 GTI Limited 155. I’ll go over some of the features and things you might miss out. This guide is perfect for anyone looking to buy a Seadoo GTI Limited or someone who went to look at one and wants refresh there memory on the unit.

gti ltd 155

The Look

I wanted to start this review off with how the GTI limited looks like. It looks really good! I like what they’re doing with the flat colors on the plastic hood and other plastic parts.

The great thing about doing the flat color is that its super easy to clean and last so much longer compared to shiny plastic. What you can’t see is the texture of the material, it really gives it a premium feel to it.


Along with the octane blue this machine just looks amazing!


The picture above I did a close up of the color. In most of the pictures you’ll see in the catalogs and brochures will make the GTI limited look like its black. It actually not black, well it kind of is. My camera is not really doing the color justice, its a little more darker then what the camera is showing. But the it does have some flakes in it.

This little bit of flakes adds to the premium look and feel of the machine. Combined with the tan flat color plastic this has got to be one of the better looking watercrafts I have ever seen.



The GTI limited 155 is a 3-seater. It may not look like it but that’s because Seadoo likes to give all the comfort to the driver. It make sense because the driver is going to be on there the most and deserves all the back support and comfort.

seat strap

One thing that no one really talks about is this little strap in the back in the picture above. This strap is for the passenger to hold on to. You also have the grab handles on the sides.

You can also see the level of detail that goes in the seat with the stitching and texture.


palm rest

Probably the coolest feature for all 2016 Seadoo models is the new palm rest. These are one of those ideas you ask yourself “why did someone not do this earlier?”. The comfort of the new palm rest are just too nice. It takes the discomfort out of riding for long periods of time.

Plus one thing you’ll notice is that the grips are nice and smooth and don’t have hard sharp lines like other manufactures have. You want nice smooth grips for when you’re out in the water and you have no gloves on and also have the death grip. If the grips have hard sharp lines then it will cut into your hand making your hands hurt. Since the grips are smooth and also have palm rest you can’t go much longer then your buddies who ride.

You can also see in the picture above that you get cruise control with the GTI limited. Just like a car you can set your speed you want to cruise at. Once you have gotten to the speed you want you can bump the speed up or down using the up and down arrow keys above the cruise button.

Another little feature about the cruise mode is the slow speed mode that comes with it. When the machine is in neutral just hold down the cruise button and you’ll be put in slow speed mode. You can select speeds 1 to 5 mph which is perfect for certain no-wake areas.

You also get the nicer analog and Digital info gauge. The gauge tells you everything, gas, time to empty, rpm’s, hour, and a ton more. Since its a limited you get a lot of the better features for the gauge too.

Start button

On the other side of the handle bars is the where the start button is. The thing I like what Seadoo does is that they have all the buttons with in reach of your thumb. Other manufactures have you reach all around to find the start and stop buttons, makes no sense. If you’re pulling up to the dock and ready to turn the engine off its nice to have the stop button with in reach of your thumb.

One thing I have noticed is that Seadoo has no visible screw holes anywhere. If you’re going to spend your hard earn money on a jet ski you don’t want to see any visible screw holes. Screw holes look bad and you fingers can get caught in them. Just something I’ve noticed.

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The left side also holds the VTS buttons. The VTS is the trim system that allows you to adjust the nose of the watercraft up or down. This feature is usually only for the racing machine or tow sports machines, but since its a limited model it gets all the goodies. You can even set “his and her’s” presets for VTS too.

You may have noticed the Sport and ECO buttons. There is 3 modes for the GTI limited. You default to “touring” which is a nice and easy take off to top speed. Sport mode is full power nothing holds you back. ECO is the best gas mileage where it will adjust to the water conditions. You don’t want to go fast every time you ride, so it nice to be able to adjust the machine for different riding conditions.

Two Keys

This model Seadoo will come with 2 keys. One key is the normal key and the other is the learning key. You can actually program the learning key to go between 32mph up to 50 mph. So you can set the speed for someone new to the machine and let them work there way up to the faster speeds.

One big perk about the Seadoo keys is that its also your lanyard too. The keys are also waterproof and will float. Other manufactures use devices that run on batteries and will get ruin if you get it wet. Seadoo uses a Key with a RF chip in and never needs batteries, plus its made to get wet since its being used on a WATERcraft.

Here is a video I created about programming the learning key…

The Rear


In the rear of the GTI limited is the re-boarding ladder. This makes a world of difference when you’re soaking wet and need to get back on the machine from the water. Just drop this thing down and climb back in.

The ladder is super thick and has a rubber coating. The thicker the better when it comes to reboarding steps.

You also have the iBR 2.0 which stops you faster then the old iBR. The iBR is the brakes of the watercraft. I’ll go into more detail about that below, yes you can get a jet ski with brakes.

GTI limited

In the rear you have a place to attach a two rope. You can even add the ski pylon if you want, which raises the tow point higher for better towing. I do still recommend getting a Shock Tube to help keep from sucking up ropes.

Also notice the mats in the rear is nice and flush. just like the handlebars you don’t want any sharp edges if you ride bare foot. These are things you miss out when shopping since you’re wearing shoes. I recommend to take your shoes off and see how your feet like the mats. Even bang your feet to see how the mats respond to your pressure.


Seadoo came out with brakes in 2009. They were the only manufacture to ever come out with brakes. How crazy is it to hear a boat has brakes? But its a simple idea. The way it works is that there is a flap in the rear that drops down to create drag to slow you down, and boy does it work!

What this also did was give you reverse since all its really doing when you hit the brakes is just throwing it in reverse for you. This also gave more control with neutral. Combine all 3 of these things and you got iBR (intelligent brakes and reverse).

iBR makes docking and driving a water so easy. You have a trigger on the right side for forward and a trigger on the left side for reverse and brakes.

You will always start in neutral, the machine will wait for you next command. Tap on the right trigger and you go forward. Hold the left tigger in and you go in reverse. Let go of reverse and you’re bake in neutral. Its that simple to drive.


You get quite a bit of storage on the GTI Limited. Its all pretty much dry storage, unless you find a way to flip it. NEVER FLIP A JET SKI. I’m a big guy and I can’t stand on the side of the watercraft and not flip it.

You have storage at the glove box which is right below the handle bars.

Glove box

You also have a lot more storage in the front. You can even access the battery from here too.


You can see above the extras you get with the GTI limited. You get a cover, dry bag storage, and a safety kit.


Under the front hood is also access to the gas fill. The great thing about having the gas cap here is that you can easily feel it when at the gas docks. No need to reach over and fill it, its within reach.

How Fast?

The 155HP engine is actually quite fast. I’ve gotten up to 60mph, which is flying on a watercraft since you don’t have anything around you like you would in a car.

With that much power its nice to know you have brakes. So if someone pulls out in front of you – you can stop.

Plus you can set the speed with the learning keys for new riders too.

The 155hp is more than enough for pulling tubes and any water sports.



I started working at a power sports dealership in 2007, I worked in parts, service counter, and as a technician before moving to sales in 2013. I created in 2014 to answer common watercraft questions I would get from people. Now managing the site full-time, I continue to provide advice and web tools for my readers about watercraft. I've owned several watercraft, with a Sea-Doo Spark as my current main PWC.

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