Top Speed on a Seadoo Spark

How Fast is the Sea-doo Spark?

If you’re in the market for a new Jet ski you might have come across the Seadoo Spark. You might be wondering how fast does this affordable jet ski go?

The 60HP Spark goes about 40MPH and the 90HP Spark goes about 50MPH.

For those that are saying that 40MPH is not very fast can’t judge it until you have ridden one. 40MPH on such a lightweight jet ski feels like 60MPH!

The Sparks are half the weight of a normal jet ski so you don’t need a powerful engine to fly. The perks of having a low Horse Power engine is that it will consume less gas compared to its bigger engine brothers. Good fuel economy leads to smaller gas tanks which translate to cheap fill-ups!

On my 3 seater 90HP Seadoo Spark it cost me about $25 to fill it up from empty. Compare that to the bigger watercraft that cost over $60 per fill up. On that $25 fill up you can go just as far as the bigger engine watercrafts or about a weekend.

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