What is the MPG for the Sea Doo Spark?

One of the biggest questions I get is “what is the gas mileage on the Seadoo Spark?”.

This can be a tough question to answer especially when competitors to the Spark don’t tell the whole truth. This can also be difficult because every person rides differently and will experience different water conditions.

So to help and clear up some confusion we’re going to use some known numbers and the conditions will be for a perfect world.

Here is what we know…

The Sea Doo Spark has a 7.9 Gallon Gas Tank.

The Yamaha V1 has an 18 Gallon Gas Tank.

Yamaha likes to show off that since they have an 18 gallon Gas tank you go longer before filling up – this is the half truth. We’re forgetting one more thing – how fast the watercraft consumes the gasoline.

The Parts we’re missing…

The Seadoo Spark consumes about 2 gallons of gas at wide open throttle.

The Yamaha V1 consumes about 7 gallons of gas at wide open throttle.

Seadoo Spark WOT Source –

Yamaha V1 WOT Source –

Doing some math…

Using what we know, here is how we can break it down. Keep in mind that these numbers are for a perfect world and your mileage may be greater or less. What these numbers do is give us something to go off of and figure out which watercraft is more fuel efficient.

So if the Spark has a 7.9 Gallon Gas tank and will consume about 2 gallons per hour at wide open throttle that means…

7.9 Gallons / 2GPH = 3.95 Hours

So if the Yamaha V1 has a 18 gallon gas tank and consumes 7 gallons at wide open throttle that means…

18 Gallons / 7GPH = 2.6 Hours

So what we can see from this is that even though the Sea Doo Spark has a smaller tank it will consume gas a lot less than the Yamaha V1. You would technically have 1.35 more hours on the Spark then you would have on the Yamaha.

The real kicker is that since the Spark has a Smaller gas tank it will be cheaper to fill up. How about we do the math to figure this out…

Let’s say that gas is a gallon. So it would cost…

$3/Gallon * 7.9 Gallon Gas Tank = $23.70 on the Seadoo Spark

$3/Gallon * 18 Gallon Gas Tank = $54.00 on the Yamaha V1

You save about $31 when you fill up the Seadoo Spark over the Yamaha V1. Let’s say you go through 1 tank of gas per weekend and that there is 4 weekends in one summer month. 4 weekends * $31 dollars saved from not having to fill up the 18 Gallon Gas tank on a Yamaha = $124. That $124 saved is about what the payments could be on a Seadoo Spark, you literally save one Monthly Payment. That’s called winning!

These numbers are not perfect, or better yet they’re based off a perfect world. For example, it won’t always cost you exactly $24 to fill up your spark, no one runs their vehicles til they’re completely out, but you get the general idea of it.

Its kind of funny when you work out the numbers and see that even though the Seadoo Spark has a smaller Gas tank it does not mean that it goes less distance than any other watercraft. The funny part is that it seems to go further than any other watercraft.

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