How Much Does a Jet Ski Trailer Cost? + Other Tips!

When it comes to jet ski trailer prices, they can vary from dealership to dealership.

Unlike PWC prices, a dealership can buy a lot of jet ski trailers at once, and get a better price on them and pass the savings on to you. It can be beneficial to buy a jet ski trailer from dealerships that buy many trailers all at once.

Let’s go over prices and some tips you need to know about when it comes to jet ski trailers.

How Much Does A Jet Ski Trailer Cost?

A new jet ski trailer can cost anywhere from $800 to over $10,000 depending on the model and size you need. Used jet ski trailers can range from free to a few thousand depending on condition and options.

  • Single Jet Ski Trailer Cost – $800 to $2,000
  • Double Jet Ski Trailer Cost – $3,000 to $5,000
  • 4-Place Jet Ski Trailer Cost – $7,000 to $10,000

Don’t forget you’ll have to pay for tag and tax on the trailer too, depending on your state.

Keep in mind, jet ski trailer prices go up every year. Things don’t change much in the way of innovations for jet ski trailers, so it’s best to get one now instead of later.

Jet Ski Trailer Terms

You’ll see these terms thrown around in this article and at the dealerships.

What Is the Best Jet Ski Trailer You Can Buy?

Trailers come in many types, aluminum, steel, and galvanized.

The cheaper trailers are painted steel and above that is the galvanized with aluminum being the most expensive.

Galvanized Single Jet Ski Trailer

The more you pay for a new jet ski trailer, usually, the better the trailer.

The best jet ski trailer is anything aluminum as it doesn’t rust and it’s the lightest.

If you’re only going to the local lake and need a basic trailer, then a painted steel jet ski trailer will be fine. If you ever plan to go to the ocean, you’ll need at least a galvanized jet ski trailer, but aluminum is preferred.

Should You Get a Single or Double Jet Ski Trailer?

Double Aluminum Jet Ski Trailer Stacked And Not Assembled

A common question I would get from customers is on whether they should get a single or double jet ski trailer. They want to get a second jet ski later, but they don’t know if they should get a single or double now.

  • If they get a single trailer, they’ll later have to sell it or trade it in to get a double.
  • If they get the double, they’ll be ready to get another jet ski later.

I recommend getting a double for many reasons. Double Jet Ski trailers hold their value the best, and the new ones only go up in price every year. Eventually, it will be cheaper to get a double jet ski trailer now instead of later.

And if a year later you don’t want the double trailer, it’s far easier to sell than a single trailer. Used double trailers are in high demand because most people buy the single trailer first, then later want a double but want to get it used. This drives the market up for used double trailers. If you can buy a used double jet ski trailer, especially an aluminum Triton double, you should buy it as they hold their value very well.

The next question I would get is how well can a double jet ski trailer haul a single jet ski.

Will a Double Jet Ski Trailer Tow Fine with Only One Jet Ski on It?

one jet ski on a double trailer by itself on lot
Single Jet Ski On A Double Trailer Ready To Head Out

Yes, a double trailer can haul one jet ski just fine.

It does sit on one side, but that doesn’t affect anything.

I’ve had hundreds, if not thousands, of single jet skis on one side of a double jet ski trailer and never had an issue.

You should still take proper precautions and tie down the front and rear of the jet ski to the trailer.

Do Jet Ski Trailers Go on Sale?

Jet ski trailers rarely go on sale, they’re so in demand that they almost always sell for retail.

Jet ski trailers don’t have much markup in them, though they do often have more than a Sea-Doo Spark or Yamaha EX.

Wish I could tell you how to get a great deal on a trailer, but most dealers won’t discount them unless you’re buying a jet ski with it.

Best Time to Buy a Jet Ski Trailer?

There is no best time to buy a jet ski trailer from a dealership. With margins so small and manufacturers not helping out much – they get sold when they get sold.

But there is a somewhat good time to buy, and that is around the winter and before the new season starts.

This is a good time because that is when they get new inventory. It may be a small thing, but if you can get a current-year trailer, go for that one because the money you could possibly save on a prior year trailer won’t be worth it if you ask me.

Can You Get the Trailer Thrown in When You Buy a Jet Ski?

No, and if a dealership says they’re throwing the trailer in, they’re lying and making it up somewhere else.

With trailers costing over $1k and profits on most jet skis being less than $1k, this is just not possible.

Used Jet Ski Trailer Cost & Craigslist

  • Used Single Aluminum Jet Ski Trailer – About $1,000
  • Used Double Aluminum Jet Ski Trailer – $1,500 to $2,500

What you should pay for a used jet ski trailer depends on the condition.

You’ll want to check the tires for wear and dry rot. New tires for trailers often cost more than car tires, depending on the lug and what type of trailer. And yes, jet ski tires are often sold with the rim, which is why they seem so expensive.

You’ll also want to check the frame of the trailer for any rust or broken bolts. Saltwater is very deadly to jet ski trailers, even the aluminum ones that use cheap bolts.

The axle of the jet ski trailer needs to be inspected for any damage. Make sure it’s not bending or bowing. A bent axle comes from putting oversized jet skis on the trailer or hitting a few too many potholes.

Should You Buy Harbor Freight Jet Ski Trailers?

No, they have a low weight capacity and don’t last long.

Many of those Harbor Freight Trailers have a max weight capacity of 600 pounds, and your average jet ski weighs 850 pounds.

Also, those trailers are not often assembled, and if you don’t know what you’re doing, this could be an issue. Not only that, but you have to get tags and titles for them to go on the road. They’re just not worth the extra work when a dealership can give you something better and ready to go.

How Do Dealerships Load Jet Skis On Trailers?

Since jet skis don’t come with trailers and dealerships have to move them around a lot, it has people wondering how they do it?

The answer is simple, they use a forklift, as shown in the image below.

They use bigger versions for boats, and the big ones can be adjusted for jet skis, as many marinas use them. It’s not as scary as it seems, all the weight is in the rear of the jet ski.

Not every dealership does it this way, some use a hoist system and some don’t have either and instead swap them by rolling dollies or go to the boat launch.

What Are You Forgetting?

If you’re getting a jet ski trailer, you’ll need a few things to make sure you’re ready to put it on the road. Here is a shortlist of the must-have jet ski trailer accessories.

Pro Tip: You’ll more than likely need the brake light adaptor, this is the most common thing people forget about. When you do get one, try to get the ones with the LED troubleshooting lights. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve come across a customer who just got their lights installed on their truck, and they don’t work because the place that did them did not do it right. The troubleshooting light can help determine if it’s the truck or jet ski trailer at fault. It can also help later if the trailer light bulbs go out too.

If you get a tongue jack, make sure to get the ones like the one pictured above that you can crank up and down. This will make getting the trailer off the truck a lot easier. Plus, it keeps the jet ski level, which is ideal for storage.

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2 thoughts on “How Much Does a Jet Ski Trailer Cost? + Other Tips!”

  1. Hi – I currently have 2 single trailers. I bought a used galvanized trailer before I purchased a jet ski. The jet ski I purchased ended up coming with a trailer. Which trailer should I keep? Any thoughts?
    1) 1994 Shorlandr Galvanized Trailer
    2) 2017 Karavan Painted Black Metal Trailer

    • I would keep the newer trailer. Older trailers are not as bulky and sturdier than newer trailers as new newer trailers had to keep up with jet ski getting bigger over the years. Galvanized is nice if you do a lot of saltwater riding but all jet ski trailers suffer from the same problem of the bolts and nuts rusting before the actual trailer. So I rather have newer bolts and nuts from a newer trailer.


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