Sea-Doo GTI 90 Review

The Sea-Doo GTI 90HP has got to be the best simple watercraft they have ever made. The funny part about this watercraft being the best is that it’s not the fastest, not the cheapest, or even the best looking.

But… it’s the best watercraft I have come across in a long time.

Let’s go over why the GTI 90 was such a great machine for its day.

The GTI 90HP

The reason why the GTI 90HP is the best watercraft is that it’s the most well-rounded machine on the market.

  • It’s great on gas (fuel-efficient engine with a big gas tank)
  • Fits adult size people really well
  • A lot of storage that is dry
  • Has BRAKES (iBR)
  • Starts in neutral
  • Has reverse standard
  • Digital keys (even a learning key for friends and family)
  • Has a huge gas tank for its engine size
  • Takes the chop pretty well (compared to rec-lite)
  • Priced extremely well
  • Comfortable Seat
  • Big and easy to read gauges
  • Has mirrors (for tow sports)
  • A good balance of playful and stableness
  • Has ECO mode for even better fuel efficiency
  • Sport and default/touring mode – you pick the ride you want to have
  • Closed Loop Cooling
  • Handle grips with palm rest – makes those long ride comfortable for your wrist
  • Splash guard in front – helps to cut down on the splashing

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There is really nothing like it on the market. Yamaha or Kawasaki don’t make anything similar, especially for the price that it starts at.

If you want to learn more about Sea-Doo’s brakes, reverse, and neutral (iBR) then check out this great video…

The Part That Makes It Special

What makes the GTI 90HP so special is the fact that it has a Polytec bottom. The same bottom that the Sea-Doo Sparks are made of is what the GTI 90HP is made of, too.

This hull material makes the watercraft a lot lighter.

Since the watercraft is so much lighter, you don’t need that big of an engine. It uses the same 90HP engine that the Spark uses and is still plenty fast!

Unlike the Spark or the Yamaha EX, the GTI 90 Still keeps its 600 pounds weight capacity, which is a lot more than either EX or Spark.

What about the durability of the hull? Sea-Doo has made an interesting video to answer that question…

The Engine

Since the PWC is lighter, it doesn’t need that big of an engine. They could have kept the old engine, but that is not the point of this watercraft.

But you might be thinking, “it’s going to be slow!”

No, it’s not.

The 3-Seater Sea-Doo Spark can get my fat butt (240lbs) to 50MPH with no problems. This makes me think the GTI 90HP will be able to around 42MPH no problem. That is plenty fast, especially for a watercraft that is perfect for a family. Trust me, this GTI 90HP will still put a smile on your face when you hit the gas.

Pulling Power: The GTI 90 has the same 0 to 30MPH as the GTI 130, so the take-off will feel the same for both engines. This also means the GTI 90 has more than enough power for pulling tubes, too!

Since the GTI uses the 90HP engine, which is crazy fuel-efficient, it can go a long time on a tank of gas. The best part is that Sea-Doo kept the same 15.9 Gallon fuel tank that they usually use in the GTI. This means you can go for a longer time on this gas tank. This makes the GTI 90 a great cruiser if all you want to do is ride all day long. Or even a great watercraft if you just want to pull the kids on the tube all day long without worrying about gas.


Since this GTI 90 is just a regular GTI, this means it has the GTI’s 30 gallons of total storage.

That’s a lot of storage for a watercraft!

Most of the storage is in the front storage compartment, with the rest in the glove box. This storage is also pretty dry compared to the Spark or even the EX.


You’re getting the full-size recreational watercraft at a great price point. The closest thing to the GTI 90 would be the Yamaha VX, but it can’t compete on price. It gets even crazier when you compare the GTI 90 to the Yamaha EX Deluxe, as I did here.

The GTI 90 is priced so well that anyone with a Spark wanting to upgrade shouldn’t think twice – buy the GTI 90.

Let’s Be Honest

If you’re looking for the fastest or the most luxurious watercraft on the market, then the GTI 90 is not for you.

If you want a fast watercraft, then look at the RXP-X and if you want Luxury, look at the GTX Limited.

If you want the all-around best family watercraft, then strongly consider the GTI 90. Even better, strongly consider it and all the other machines that compete with it.

This is coming from a guy who has ridden just about every Sea-Doo. I’ve been on watercraft that do 90MPH, and I’ve been on the watercraft so small that it’s funny. I find the GTI 90HP a good machine that fits the needs of many, thus the reason why I’m calling it the best.



I started working at a power sports dealership in 2007, I worked in parts, service counter, and as a technician before moving to sales in 2013. I created in 2014 to answer common watercraft questions I would get from people. Now managing the site full-time, I continue to provide advice and web tools for my readers about watercraft. I've owned several watercraft, with a Sea-Doo Spark as my current main PWC.


  1. If it is going to be me(176 pounds), my wife(110 pounds), and my 3 year old daughter shoukd we get the gti 90, gti se 130, or gti se170? We may pull skiers too. Thank you.


      • Do you think it a better value for price to go with gti 130se, gti 170se, or Yamaha vx deluxe? These are the 3 we are deciding on.

        • The best value will be the GTI SE 130 for sure. The VX will have less HP which is important for pull sports. If you can get a GTI SE 170 then go for it as it will have more power but the 130 will be fine for your situation. The only model you might regret would be the GTI 90 if you do a lot of pull sports.

  2. Hi Steven, I purchased this GTI 90 a year ago after reading this blog and watching your videos. I’m more than happy with this machine, thank you!!

    After a year, I’m looking for something more powerfull. Specifically, the RXP300 and I don’t have the chance to test it before buy. The GTR 230 isn’t an option because it cost mostly the same here.

    I don’t like to race, but I do like acceleration, doing donuts, jumping small waves (river) and playing around.

    I feel the RXP is only intended for racing, the fact it’s heavier and the T3 hull makes me think it could be somewhat less fun than my GTI 90. Do you think is worth the upgrade? What things could I miss from my GTI 90?

    Thanks Steven!

    • The thing with the RXP-X is that it wants to go fast, so this means cruising is not fun on it. The T3 hull doesn’t like to cruise (30MPH) along and you’ll find it jump about at lower speeds like a bull wanting out of its cage. Once you get over 40MPH it’s fine but it really shines at full speed. This hull can take sharp turns so if you’re not holding on you will fall off. This hull is also more playful than the GTI especially the 90. As for features you’re not missing anything when compared to the GTI 90. You get the same amount of storage and everything else is a huge upgrade.

  3. Im torn between the Spark, the GTI 90 and the 130. The prices right now are great! $6000 (loaded) for the Spark, $6500 for the GTI 90 and $7700 for the 130. Do you think the 130 warrants an extra $1200? We are first time owners and am considering getting two to start with. We have 2 kids 13 and 16 years old.

    • If it was me I would get one GTI 90 and the other would be a GTI 130 mostly for the pulling power of the GTI 130. If you don’t plan on ever pulling any tubes then 2 of the GTI 90 will be fine. Right now is a good time to buy as the season slowly comes to an end and more importantly the new 2019 models will be released.

  4. Would you pick the 2018 GTI 90 or GTI 130 for you personal water craft if you had to choose. Which would you choose if they were the same price?

  5. Great article. My wife and I just purchased two of the GTI SE with the 90 HP engine. These are our first two ski’s ever and we couldn’t be more pleased with the price, size, functions and power of the PWC. Let me say straight away if your looking for speed this isn’t the machine for you. I am all of 250 lbs and the top speed I have seen was teetering between 43/44 MPH. they are NOT a top speed model. This is fine for us as beginners and we are not racing them. This machine is great for touring around, exploring coves and just a moderate speed to cruise on. 2 weekends ago we were out on the lake for 4+ hours and didnt even burn 1/2 tank of fuel. This includes using sport mode for a small time and touring as well. I bet on economy mode it wouldn’t have even used that much.
    If your not looking to have a top speed model and just want to get out there and have fun this may be the model for you..

  6. Thank you very much Steven! I just purchased a new GTI SE 90. It looks beatiful – and I never would have considered it without your advice. I have learned ALOT from your site and videos over the last two weeks. THANK YOU! without this, I would have ended up with a Yamaha EX Deluxe or a Spark. it was a tough call on the Spark; my kids would have prefered the “fun” factor of the Spark more than the GTI – but too bad!

  7. Hi Patricia, in Canada, our regular grade fuel contains ethanol, which causes lots of problems in small and large engines alike. If you burn regular grade, make sure you’re going to burn through the tank in a week or 2. High test has no ethanol so it does not have any of the water attracting properties of a grain alcohol. You won’t gain the degree of performance increase as with a performance engine, but the fuel system will stay clean and thank you, especially if you store the watercraft over the winter.

  8. Hello Steve, I am curious to have your opinion with regards to running 87 octane fuel in a 2017 GTI as suggested by Seadoo. I have always run high test 91 octane in any small engine….outboards, lawnmower, previous PWC, etc. My concern is build up within the fuel system that certainly causes issues in the long run. How and why can we now start running a lower grade fuel?

  9. Hello Steve, do you recommend having a boarding ladder installed on the 2017 GTI. I guess my concern is eventual water leak as its an after market install…by the dealer though.

    • A reboarding ladder is great and a must have if you ask me. As long as the reboarding ladder is a Sea-Doo made part installed by the dealership with the proper silicone and allowed to dry for 24 hours you should be fine.

  10. Thx for the article. I was between the spark 90 3up and gti se 130.
    Now I’m leaning toward the middle ground.
    I like range and fuel economy over power (long as it hits 45mph+) .
    So this might be my solution.

  11. Have a question? Looking to buy a PWC but my family is on the hefty side. Anywhere from 200 to almost 300lbs. So, my question is if 2 of my family members get on a PWC, what watercraft would you recommend for 2 person with the weight of 500lbs that will get up and go?


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