Sea Doo Spark Buyers Guide

Let me first admit that the Sea Doo Spark can be a little overwhelming when it comes to what you can get. I’ve created this buyers guide to help you find the right spark for your needs or even help you find another watercraft that might suit you better. Through this article I’ll go back and forth with the different names like Jet Ski, Watercraft, and Waverunner. Don’t allow these different names confuse you as they’re all pretty much the same.

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I would like to start off talking about me and why you should listen to what I have to say about the product. I do sell the Sparks as well as other Watercrafts and have so for many years. I’ve ridden just about every watercraft that Sea Doo has ever made and have gone through and learn many of the features over the years to really help customers that walk in and want to buy.

The Start

The Sea Doo Spark Jet Ski was created to bring back the feeling of what the original watercrafts brought to the boating world. Super playful and fun is the major factor of the Sparks. Sea Doo wanted a watercraft that is light and easy to use. Sea Doo over delivered so much that we sold out before the Summer of 2014 was even over with (the availability is one reason to not wait to get a Spark). 


The Sparks starts at an affordable price, click here to see the price. The base model Spark is the 60HP 2up version that goes about 40MPH. Fully loaded Spark is the 3up 90HP spark with Convenience Package and iBR that goes about 50MPH for the top speed.  Sea-Doo does offer you the ability to build and price your Spark but its best to check with your local dealer. You never know what kind of deals Sea-Doo has going on to give you the best out the door price on a Sea-Doo Spark. 

Engine Specs

The Sparks are powered by the Rotax ACE engine. This engine was made popular by BRP (the parent company of Sea Doo) with their Ski-Doo line. This engine is a 4 Stroke engine that is super fuel efficient with excellent performance. Combined with the lightweight of the craft you get superb acceleration.


A unique major feature of all Sea Doo’s Rotax engines is that it uses a closed loop cooling system. Other waverunners will use a open loop system that takes in ocean or lake water to cool the engine. What this means is that the open system takes in the corrosive water that can corrode the engine from the inside. You’ll also have to worry about the cooling system getting clogged with debris from the water. While on the other hand, all the Sea Doos have a Closed Loop cooling system that NEVER takes in wter to cool the ENGINE. This not only keeps the engine at the perfect temperature but also don’t have to worry about corrosion or debris.


Also the closed loop cooling system of the Seadoo makes winterizing a little easier since you don’t have to worry about flushing the engine out since it never touches water.


The closed loop cooling system is standard on all Seadoo’s even the Sparks!

Color options

Licorice (black)

Vanilla (white)

Orange Crush (orange)

Pineapple (yellow)

Bubble Gum (pink)


Engine Options

900cc ACE 60HP

900cc ACE HO 90HP







Length of 2up is 110”

Length of 3up is 120”


Width for both is 46”


Both weigh about 400 pounds

Seadoo Sparks for sale


You can get a Spark with iBR which are brakes and allows the jet ski to start in neutral. The brakes make docking and controlling the vehicle so much easier. The brakes also allow you to control the situation, so if someone pulls out in front of you – you can stop quicker than anything else on the market!


Options and Accessories

Convenience Package (front bucket storage and reboarding step)

Snap-in Fenders

VTS (variable trim system)

Depth Finder


Two Pro (a Tow Pylon for the spotter to hold to, support your wakeboard, and a raised tow point.)

Chill Shade (keeps you out of the sun)

Speed Ties (retractable dock line)

RF DESS Key (digital key that adds an extra layer of protection)

12 Volt (So you can charge your cell phone battery or power a 12V air pump for pumping up a tube)

Bilge Pump Kit

Reverse Kit (The Base Sparks don’t have reverse but can be added, the iBR models have reverse)

Graphics Kits to allow you to customize your Spark

Trailer Options

Spark Move II Trailer

Length 12’ 5’’

Width 8’ 4’’

Coupler 2’’

Weight 340lb

Carrying Capacity 1,220lb

Tire Size 4.80’’ x 12’’


Single Trailer

The Sparks don’t have a dedicated single trailer because any single trailer will work. You have many different options like Aluminum, Galvanized and Painted. The Aluminum is the best of them all as it doesn’t corrode. The Galvanized is also protected against corrosion but weighs more than aluminum. The Painted is much more affordable and is a good trailer for basic needs such as pulling it out once a while. 

Durability of the Spark

This is actually my favorite topic about the Spark. The Spark is made of durable ploy-tec material. A normal jet ski is made of fiberglass and this has been the norm for decades on boats. Sea Doo really reinvented the wheel on this one and expect to see more polytec ski’s in the future.


As for durability the best way I can put it is to think of the Spark as a plastic plate and the normal fiberGLASS jet ski as a glass plate. Drop both and what will happen? The plastic plate will just bounce while the glass plate will shatter. This is quite a dramatic example but you get the idea. Plastic is made to bend and then jump back while glass will shatter if pushed too hard.

Also you’ll notice that the Spark is all modular with its body panels. So if you damage a piece you just replace it instead of waiting for it to get fixed at the fiberglass shop. This also allows you to fully customize your spark by replacing panels with a new panel color. So if Sea Doo comes out with a blue spark, and I’m sure they will, you can easily swap out the panels and be on the water in no time at all.


Since the Spark is “back to basics” you don’t have as much electronics to go wrong with it. You still have things like the gas gauge, rpm gauge, and speed gauge. Compared to the other watercrafts in the market the Spark is very minimal which really helps out with the reliability.

Don’t forget to check out the accessories for the Spark!

The bad

So you might be wondering what is the problems we’re seeing out of the Sparks? Are the Spark any good? Does the Spark have any cons? The only problem I have with the Sea Doo Spark is that its not meant for long rides. I’m sure the jet ski could go for days but I can’t due to the discomfort the seat gives. I’m fine for 45 minutes but after that I start to stand up, and this is common with many toys like motorcycles. I guess I get spoiled by the suspension models that Sea Doo has?

Gas Mileage

Based on 2015: It can be hard to compare any watercraft on Gas Mileage since it doesn’t go by mileage. The gas tank size on the Spark is 7.9 Gallons and if gas is $3 a gallon you can fill up from dead empty for under $25! That’s super cheap for a Jet Ski. For example, a Yamaha can have up to 18 gallon gas tank and at the same $3 a gallon it’ll cost you $54, over twice as much!


Since the Spark weighs half of other Jet Skis you don’t need as much fuel capacity. Plus you can go just as far if not further than the other watercrafts with the bigger gas tanks. At wide open throttle the Yamaha VX®Deluxe used 7.7 gallons per hour while the 90HP Spark uses 2.4 gallons per hour at wide open throttle. The top speed of the Yamaha VX®Deluxe is about 53MPH while the Sea Doo Spark does about 50MPH. Now its hard to compare the VX®Deluxe to the Spark but it does give you something to compare to with fuel range.


The average person doesn’t go full throttle all the time so your results may vary.

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