Top Speed for Sea Doo Watercraft – How Fast can a Jet Ski Go?

jet ski going top speed

One common question I get asked all the time is “what is the top speed of…”. To answer this question I’ve gone through and listed the top speeds I’ve experienced on each machine.

These numbers may not be exact and you may not experience them. These numbers are to give you an idea of how fast one watercraft is to the other. These numbers are based on the 2016 models, but they can be used to give you an idea of previous and future Sea-Doo watercraft of the same horsepower.

How fast do Jet Skis go? The slowest ones hover around 40 MPH while the fastest ones are capped at 65 MPH these days. Sure, you can see over 70 MPH on some machines but nowadays it’s become about who can get to 70 MPH the quickest.



Always give the top speed a plus or minus 5 mph for rider weight and water conditions. 

Click here to see the latest speeds for the 2018 Jet Ski models!

Seadoo Spark

Top Speed of 60HP Spark is about 40mph.

Top Speed of the 90HP Spark is about 50mph.

The spark is perfect for anyone new to watercraft, start here!

GTS 130

Top Speed of the GTS 130 is about 55mph.

The GTS is only good for rental companies if new not a rental company then choose either a Spark or a GTI instead.


The top Speed of the 2017 GTI 90HP is about 42mph.

The Top Speed of the GTI 130 and the GTI SE 130 is about 55mph.

The Top Speed of the GTI SE 155 and GTI Limited is about 60mph.

The GTI’s are great for people new to riding watercraft and want something more comfortable than the spark.

GTR 215

The Top Speed of the GTR 215 is about 65mph.

The GTR is entry level muscle craft, not the best for beginners or people new to watercraft.



The Top Speed of the GTX 155 and GTX-S is about 60mph.

The Top Speed of the GTX Limited iS 260 is about 65mph to 70mph.

The Top Speed of the GTX Limited 300 is about 65MPH to 70MPH.



The Top Speed of the RXT 260 is about 65mph to 70mph.

The Top Speed of the RXT-X 300 is about 65mph to 70mph.

The RXT-X 300 is a racing class machine and only people who can handle this machine should ride it. It has racing features to make it more race friendly.


The Top Speed on the RXP-X 300 is about 65mph to 70mph.

The RXP-X 300 is a racing class machine and can out handle any watercraft out there and is more fine-tuned for racing too. Only people who can handle the RXP-X 300 should ride it, it’s not for beginners.

260HP vs 300HP

You probably noticed that the top speeds of the 260 and the 300 are very close to each other. This is due to the machines being limited to 70mph top speed for the United States. So what they do is make the take off speed faster on the 300. So the 300HP will get to 70 faster than the 260Hp.

If we didn’t have these caps the 260 would do more closer to 75mph and the 300mph would closer to 80mph, but this is merely my guess since I’m in the US and can’t get pass 70mph.

This is due to safety and it’s better to have the cap. Trust me, 40mph is fast on water! 70mph is just insane for a new rider. New riders need to stick to the 155hp and below machines as they’re fast enough.


My Machine Won’t Go Full Speed?

There could be many things wrong with your machine. It would be best to get it to your local dealer to have them look at it. You could have sucked something up, the way you can tell is if you give it gas and it feels like its cavitating or feels like it wants to go but just shakes or struggles.


Before you buy a Sea-doo make sure you have all the correct riding gear. Check out my post on the 17 must have jet ski accessories


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