What to Wear on Jet Ski

Did you know there is a proper dress code for riding a Jet Ski? Sure, a swimsuit is fine but it’s not everything you need. There is actually safety concerns when not wearing the correct riding gear. If you don’t believe me, then hop on your jet ski and read the owners manual or warning stickers. Let’s go through a

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Best Shoes to Wear On a Jet Ski

Having the correct gear when riding a watercraft is very important. This goes for footwear like shoes, sandals, and flip flops. Wearing the wrong shoes when riding a Jet Ski can actually cause you to loose grip and really hurt yourself.  The problem I have run into when picking the best shoes to wear is that there is simply way to

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2017 Sea Doo Predictions


This time last year was a wee bit more exciting for the future release of the 2016 Seadoo Watercraft. The new 300HP engine really brought some fresh new take and the new colors of the Sparks really got people going. Now that the 2017’s about to be release I’m sure everyone is really wanting to know what is to come.

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A Comfortable Spark Seat

My Spark

If you ever wondered what watercraft I own then you might be surprised that it is a Seadoo Spark. I really love my Spark! Here it is on the day I took it out of the showroom. I literally dragged out of the showroom and manually winched it on the trailer. That is how excited I was. It’s also the

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How To Break Seadoo Watercraft Engine In


If you’re reading this then you have bought a new Seadoo Watercaft and you have been told you need to break the engine in. But what does that mean? It can be quite confusing when you’re told by your dealership or after you read the owners manual that you got to “break the engine in”. What should you do? What

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