Blisters & Grip – The Best Jet Ski Riding Gloves

I’ve had people tell me I’m taking this jet ski thing a little to far when I wear my gloves.

Too far??? I don’t think it’s far enough.

I don’t wear jet ski riding gloves to be “that guy.” I wear them because it makes sense. Let’s talk about why gloves make sense and what is the best jet ski riding gloves.

Why Gloves Make Sense

Gloves make sense because you’ll have a death grip when riding a jet ski. This is even more true for new riders.

This grip creates friction especially when it’s bumpy, and it’s always bumpy.

Friction creates blisters and blisters suck.

To stop the friction and blisters you wear riding gloves.

Not only that but some watercraft grips hurt your hands after a few minutes. (Looking at you every-watercraft-made-before-2002!)

Do It For The Grip

Let’s not forget about the grip that riding gloves give to you. You keep a better grip on the handlebars which give you a better grip on the throttle and BRAKES!

Since everything is wet, grip is very important.

For example, If you don’t have grip on the dock line then you don’t have control of the PWC at the docks.

Some Stuff You Don’t Want To Touch

Then there are the things you don’t want to touch but have to anyway.

For example that splinter on the dock ready to be wedged in your hand. Or the who-knows-what-but-it-is-slimy in the bottom of your front storage compartment.

What’s The Best Jet Ski Gloves?

Gloves made for motorcycles, ATV’s, Pull sports, and many others will also work for PWCs.

I’m personally a fan of fingerless gloves because they allow me to be able to operate my smartphone without taking them off.

What you need might be different from what I use. So I’ve listed off the top 3 riding gloves below.

1. Jetski Gloves Watersports Pro Racing Jet Ski Recreation 14432BG-XL (Amazon Link Ad)

black and white jet ski glvoes watersports

A key feature in gloves for a watercraft is that it drys quickly.

The other key feature is that they’re durable.

These riding gloves deliver both without a doubt.

One often overlooked feature is pre-curved fingers. This is great as your fingers will be wrapped around the grips most of the time.

2. GP-30 Jet Ski Ride Gloves – Scratch Style PWC Jetski Race Gear (Amazon Link Ad)

gp30 jet ski glvoes black

Water-resistant and nylon protection is what puts these gloves on my list.

You have a no-slip grip on the throttle area which is a huge deal! Notice where they put the grip on the hand as that is what you want in a glove.

This glove does have knuckle protection. This is not a big deal like with motorcycles but is nice to have around the docks.

3. SANTIC Classic Fingerless Cycling Gloves (Amazon Link Ad)

bike gloves that work for jet ski fingerless

A personal favorite of mine. While they might not be jet ski gloves, they work great for jet skiing.

They’re built for bikes, but they have the same protection and grip you would expect. Plus, they’re fingerless which I love as I can use my phone and open that… ummm… water bottle.

But seriously, I love this style of gloves for jet skiing. They dry quickly from water or sweat. They’re super easy to take off. And best of all have the soft foam insert to cushion the hands.

Oh, and the price isn’t so bad either.

One More Thing

You might need to buy more than one pair. I have, not because I’m weird but sometimes each activity needs a different glove.

I wear different gloves for wakeboarding compared to jet skiing as both have different friction points and grip.

You also never know if your riders might want a glove as the handles in the rear are uncomfortable for them too. So I keep spare gloves in the dry bag.

I bet you didn’t know there was so much to consider when it comes to gloves for your watercraft. You might not have thought you would ever need gloves. All I can say is that once you start wearing gloves on your watercraft it will be hard to go back.


Don’t just stop at getting the gloves. There is much more jet ski gear you’ll need to keep you safe and having fun. Check out my guides here on the must-have jet ski gear.

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  1. I’ve never had the need for gloves…even though the previous owner of my old ski included his when I bought it, so you aren’t alone.
    I’m one of those weird guys that doesn’t wear a golf glove either;)


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