The 5 Best Jet Skis For Ocean Riding

I just saw my third article about watercraft that related to out-running sharks. It’s such an odd thing to write about, are PWC writers running out of ideas? Or is this a real fear for people who ride in the ocean?

Sharks are not the thing I worry most about when I ride my Sea-Doo in the ocean, in fact, it’s something far worse… waves! Sure, getting “knocked off” and ending up in the water is when the fear of sharks can come, but riding the right PWC should help put this fear to rest just a little.

Not every watercraft does well in ocean water, and it’s not a replacement for a larger boat. So, starting at number 5, I’m going to list off the machines I think you should only consider when riding any rough water conditions, like in the ocean.

5. Yamaha FX HO

For years, my go-to pick for offshore was the FX HO.

It’s a simple, stable and super reliable machine made by Yamaha. I would also see it used all the time for jet ski rental companies in saltwater and jet ski tube rides while on the beach.

Since more unique types of watercraft have come to the market, my opinion has changed. The FX HO is still a great option for rough waters. (It’s capped at “spot 5” if you ask me)

4. Kawasaki ULTRA 310X

If a Kawasaki ULTRA is not on someone’s list for anything relating to the ocean, then they don’t know anything about the market.

Kawasaki simply makes a great hull for rough water conditions. The 310X is just a powerhouse, tons of storage, large fuel tank, and comfort for days.

In a normal world, a Kawasaki would have taken the number one spot, but things have changed.

3. Kawasaki ULTRA 310LX-S

The ULTRA 310LX-S is the same hull as the ULTRA 310X, but with more features. Since it’s the same hull, it’s going to rank well when it comes to cruising in rough saltwater. It does better because you get more options.

2. Sea-Doo Explorer Pro 170

The latest Sea-Doo Hulls are not the “great” for ocean waters.

That all changed when Sea-Doo came out with extensions for the Sea-Doo Fish Pro and now the Explorer Pro.

These watercraft a lot bigger, and size matters when going in the ocean.

The Explorer Pro is the second option because it’s made to go on an adventure, see new things and has the features you want, like Garmin 7” Touchscreen Fish Finder & GPS. Along with a windshield, grab bar, extra storage, and the ability to add more features like an external fuel tank – it’s a real game-changer.


I picked the Sea-Doo FISH PRO Trophy as my number one pick because it’s based on the same body as the Explorer, so it’s much larger, but the FISH PRO line already has avid lovers that take them out on the ocean all the time.

The Fish Pro Trophy gets the same GPS and fish finder, but with fishing accessories like a fishing rod holder, cooler, live well, anchor and more makes it a huge hit.

The Sea-Doo Explorer Pro and Fish Pro are the same body, but the Fish Pro wins overall because of the fishing aspect. Either option is great, and if you need more storage or more HP, the Explorer Pro 230 is also a great option.



I started working at a power sports dealership in 2007, I worked in parts, service counter, and as a technician before moving to sales in 2013. I created in 2014 to answer common watercraft questions I would get from people. Now managing the site full-time, I continue to provide advice and web tools for my readers about watercraft. I've owned several watercraft, with a Sea-Doo Spark as my current main PWC.


  1. Hi,
    Thanks for reply
    How bad is salt water for Yamaha jetskis?
    And which one would be more stable on the rough water?
    Many thanks

    • Saltwater is bad for every boat but it’s not a huge deal if you do proper maintenance and cleaning. The Sea-Doo still takes in saltwater for the exhaust and if the model has it the supercharger will take some in too. It’s just the Sea-Doo engine block doesn’t take in any water to cool it. I find the Sea-Doo to be more stable because it sits lower but the Yamaha is not unstable especially the FX models.

  2. Hi,
    What would you choose:
    Seadoo gti 170 se 2021 or Yamaha vx cruiser ho 2021 for salt and rough (sea, ocean) water use only ?
    Many thanks


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