17+ Jet Ski Accessories Everyone Should Have

Ok, the hard part is over. You got the Jet Ski you love and you’re ready to hit the open water and play! But before you go out and ride you’ll need a few more things to add to your Jet Ski to keep you legal, safe, and having fun! We’ll cover all those things and more in this guide.

It doesn’t matter if you have a Sea-Doo, Yamaha, or a Kawasaki as many of these Jet Ski Accessories will work for you.

Life Jackets

jet ski accessories

Not only are life jackets required by law but it could also save your life. You don’t wear a life jacket because you can’t swim,  but instead, you wear a life jacket in case you or a loved one gets hurt and fall in the water.

Do the right thing and get life jackets that fit correctly and get some extra ones in a variety of sizes for when guest come over.

I highly recommend you check out O’Neill Men’s Superlite USCG Life Vest on Amazon. As for getting the correct size life jacket, I recommend looking at my guide here

Waterproof Box for Phone

Our cell phones have become extensions to ourselves, and many of us would be lost if something happened to it.

It’s smart to get a waterproof dry box for your phone not only because it will keep it dry, but many have padding in them to protect it from the rough ride. Another benefit is that the dry boxes will float and come in bright colors so you can see them if you drop them in the water.

Your smartphone is the essential jet ski accessory and must remain protected because it can be used to call for help or you can use the GPS maps if you get lost on the lake.

I recommend the Plano Guide Series 3600 Size Polycarbonate Field Box for keeping your phone in when on your jet ski.


Dock Linejet ski dock line accessories

You’ll need to be able to tie up your jet ski at the dock and no ordinary string will work.

You’ll need marine dock line such as Double Braid Nylon Dockline. I prefer the Bungee Dock Line because it’s the easiest to use.



Here is a great video showing you how to tie up!




If you plan on hanging out in a cove, fishing, or exploring the water, then you’ll need an anchor. Not any anchor will do as many won’t fit in most jet skis, so that is why I created this guide here to help you find the best anchor.

Sandbag vs. folding vs. all the other types of anchors can get confusing, so I highly recommend you check out my anchor guide.


Solar Panelsolar battery charger for jet ski on Sea-Doo spark

You drive your car every day and you may not realize this but doing this keeps your battery active and going strong for years.

You don’t ride your jet ski as often, and its battery goes flat quicker because of this.

The solution to keeping your jet ski battery active and strong for years is simple and affordable; you buy a solar panel battery charger.

The other option is to find out how expensive jet ski batteries can get next year because you did not keep the battery on charge. I go into more details about why a solar charger is one of the key jet ski accessories to have in this guide here.

When it comes to solar chargers for your jet ski I recommend staying under 5-watts, if you go higher then that you’ll damage the battery. I’m a fan of the ALLPOWERS 18V 5W Portable Solar Car Battery Charger for my watercraft but anything that charges a 12-volt battery and is under 5 watts will do.


Fenders/Bumpersjet ski fender spark

Fenders are a must-have accessory when you dock your watercraft and don’t want to damage the hull. You only need 2 fenders and 2 fender lines for one jet ski, but it’s best to get them NOW to avoid damaging your new machine!

Before docking your PWC you want to go ahead and have the fenders out and on the side you plan on docking at.





Shock Tubejet ski accessories shock tube

Sucking stuff up in your jet ski is the same feeling as getting a flat tire in your car. Both are not fun, and both leave you stranded til you get the problem fixed.

What if they made a tool that lowered the chances of getting a flat tire, I bet you would buy it. That is what a shock tube or also known as an impeller protector does; it’s a tool to keep you from sucking up your towing lines.

I would put the shock tube on the definitely buy jet ski accessories list because sucking up a rope is a pain to fix and time-consuming. If you’re wondering why it goes by shock tube that is because it doubles as a damper in the off chance the tow rope breaks it doesn’t smack the person being pulled.

If you have sucked something up, I have a guide on what to do here.



jet ski towable tube

Being pulled on a tube is the best experience besides that first ride on your jet ski. There is nothing else like it, and it’s a perfect activity for the whole family to do. If you needed a reason to buy a jet ski, you have found the reason in towable tubes!

Every tube is different, and each offers a different experience, so it’s essential to get the one that fits your style of riding.

Here is a list of each tube and what you can expect from it.

AIRHEAD AHRE-12 Rebel Tube, Rope and Pump Kit – A great starter tube that is a playful one seater. You’ll have more fun on a single rider tube like this one than many of the bigger and heavier tubes.

SPORTSSTUFF 53-2213 Big Mable Towable – A personal favorite of mine, the Big Mable is easy going and perfect for someone new to tubing. You’ll still have a blast with this tube but it has more handles and a plusher ride than other tubes.

SPORTSSTUFF 53-2030 4K Booster Ball for Towables – This is not a tube but something you add if you want to enhance the experience.

AIRHEAD AHM2-2 Mach 2 Towable – A 2 person tube that allows you to sit in a cockpit which gives you a more secure fit especially for the kids.

WoW Watersports, Thriller Deck Tube, Towable, Wild Wake Action – Not for the faint of heart but instead for someone who wants a real tubing experience. All I can say is hold on tight as you’re in for a wild and fun ride!


Check out the 8 Craziest and Oddest Tubes on the Market!


Accessories for Tubes

Let’s not forget about the accessories that go along with the tubes. Such as tow rope and an inflator!in


Folding Paddle

A folding paddle is something you’ll never need until you really need one. You may never have any of these problems below but if you do you’ll be glad you have a folding paddle to get you back to safety.

You could use a folding paddle…

  • if you run out of gas.
  • if you sucked up rocks.
  • if you sucked up a rope.
  • if your battery is dead.
  • if you need something to wave down passing boaters.
  • As a tool to extend to someone hurt and floating in the water.

A folding paddle even makes a great Christmas or Birthday gift for the boater in your life!

I carry the Airhead Telescoping Paddle found on Amazon Here.

Bicycle Lock

So you got your Jet Ski home and on the dock. You might be asking yourself, “how do I lock this thing down”? The best way is with a bike lock around the front bow hook.

I find that cable bike locks work the best to keep your jetski on the dock at all times. Most drive up docks even have a place for you to wrap your cable lock around! Be sure to still use dock line for holding the watercraft along with the cable lock.

I recommend the Master Lock Python Adjustable Keyed Cable Lock Here

Whistle/Air Horn

Most states require you to have a whistle or an air horn within reach.

What I do is buy a bunch of whistles and attach them to every life jacket I own. This way, no matter what I always have a whistle and so do my guest.

Most states even want you to have a safety whistle because of the high visibility of it. I might be a little paranoid, but I also carry an air horn too when I ride my ski.

Dry Bag

jet ski dry bag for gear and stuff

It’s always a good idea to have a dry bag for your clothes and other items you don’t want to get wet. A dry bag is one of the popular jet ski accessories to get for any rider.

I’ve always been a big fan of bags like these for the color and quality of the bag. Another great feature with most dry bags is that they float if you drop them in the water, which is huge for me as I’m clumsy.



Having a good wetsuit means you can ride all year long. Also, riding gloves are a must-have to cut down on hand fatigue. For when I’m not wearing a wetsuit I will wear a rash guard to help protect me from the sun and keep me cool too. The last bit of clothing I recommend is getting water shoes.

The wetsuit may not be a necessity for many but I would say the water shoes, rash guard, polarized sunglasses, and even the riding gloves are.

Click here to see full guide on what to wear when riding a jet ski.

Jet Ski Cooler

When it comes to jet ski coolers you want to get one that is flexible and not a fixed hard body. The reason for this is that the storage compartment of your jet ski can be oddly shaped or be too small of a hole for the cooler. I know that 30 gallons of storage sound like a lot and plenty of room for a 5-gallon cooler but the hole to get into that storage is smaller then you might think.

This is why I recommend getting a cooler bag that also collapses much like the CleverMade SnapBasket Soft-Sided Collapsible Cooler. Nothing better than after a day of riding and grabbing a nice cold drink out of the cooler or a family picnic on the beach.

Jet Ski Fishing Accessories

If you plan on using your jetski for fishing you’ll need a place to put your rods. Sure, you could lay your fishing rods in the footwells of the personal watercraft but why do that when they have jet ski fishing accessories that work better.

You can buy a Cooler Rack and Fishing Rod holders that fit on the back of many watercrafts. In all my years of selling watercraft I never seen a trolling motor put on a jet ski but if there is a will there’s a way.

Jet Ski Ladder

A boat will come with a ladder but some jet skis come without a ladder or also known as a reboarding step. It’s easy to overlook a ladder in the buying process but its one of those things you come to find out you really need. You might also find that the ladder you have now isn’t long enough or simply doesn’t work for you.

If you don’t have a ladder or the one you have now won’t cut it then you can get the Hardline Products EZ Riser Boarding Ladder as another option. It does have a 300-pound weight capacity and is easy to store away too.

Jet Ski Sound System

Nothing better than listening to your favorite music while riding on your jet skis. Most jet skis don’t have a built-in sound system but there are Bluetooth speaker systems available for watercrafts. I have a guide here to cover the options you have for jet ski speakers and Bluetooth systems.


It doesn’t hurt to keep an extra lanyard around as it’s a good chance you or the kids will lose it in the future.

If you’re not sure what Lanyard to get then get the universal style ones like the JET LOGIC UL-3 Ultimate PWC Safety Lanyard.

If you have a modern Sea-Doo with the DESS key then you can’t buy just any lanyard, you will need to program your keys and we go over that here.


If you’re not going to be using your jet ski for a few days then its best to keep a cover on it. A cover keeps the sun, water, and bird poop away. The sun can fade your jet ski if you don’t keep it covered so if you want to keep your jet ski looking good for years then a cover is a must-have.

I have a guide here on the best jet ski covers and I also have another post on the common questions and tips someone might have about covers.

Jet Ski Trailer Accessoriesjet ski trailer tongue jack

Check out the 9 must have Trailer Accessories!

The number one jet ski trailer attachment I recommend getting is a trailer jack. These trailer jacks will make your life so much easier and will help to save your back too.

A Trailer Jack is shown in the image on the right in the up position. There is a pull lever for releasing it and rotating it down. Once rotated down there is a handle you can rotate to jack the trailer off the ball of the truck. This helps your back and makes it easier to move around the garage. 

Check out trailer jacks for Jet Ski trailers.

Another trailer accessory is for locking the trailer’s coupler. Putting a lock on the trailer coupler will keep people from driving away with your jet ski and trailer. Learn more about locking down your jet ski here.

ratchet straps for jet ski trailer accessories

If you have a trailer then you need Straps to hold your jet ski to the trailer. There have been a few times where my front strap on a trailer I was hauling broke and the rear straps were the things that kept the jet ski on the trailer. Not only that, rear straps keep the rear of the watercraft from sliding around on the trailer and keeps it from slamming the rear of the craft to the trailer when you go over bumps too.

I do a strap on each side of the watercraft. I know these straps can be confusing and intimidating to someone new, but this video here does a great job explaining how to use one.

Safety/Emergency Kit

You never know what can happen so a great jet ski accessory to have is a safety kit or even a First Aid Kit is always a good idea.

Cleaner and Polish

Cleaning a jet ski is very different from cleaning a car. You have to make sure you have all the correct supplies to keep your jet ski looking like new. You have everything from your quick cleaners to your vinyl protectors.

If you get anything, make sure you buy the vinyl protectors. Fiberglass can easily be restored but vinyl cannot. 5 years from now you’ll be thanking me because you used vinyl protector every so often. Once the vinyl starts deteriorating there’s no bringing it back. Having nice looking seats can increase the resale value of your ski.


Want More? Check out the Ultimate 107 Tips and Accessories Guide Here!


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  • Thanks, I am going to be purchasing a jet ski this year and this information is very helpful.

  • No problem. If you have any questions about Jet Ski’s feel free to contact me as I’m always looking for things to write about when it comes to Jet Ski’s.

  • What an awesome guide 👏

  • Amazing! Just bought a sea doo gti se today and I was looking for things to complement the fun!! Thankful for this amazing article! Tks

  • Cool guide, thanks 👍👍👍

  • Steven,

    I have a question concerning the 155 wake edition. Can you really use to ski an adult behind or better just to use them for wakeboarding and tubing?


  • Yes. The 155HP is more than enough power for pulling an adult. Here is a video of people wakeboarding behind a Wake 155…https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqqxkWQaEVY

  • Will most of the things fit in a Honda 1100 storage bin?

  • Yes, most of this stuff will fit. The bigger accessories like the Towable Tubes might not unless it’s small and deflated. Sometimes on long jet ski trips or rides, I have a dry bag hanging off a tow hook or something that I put items in.

  • What type of protectant should I put on the bumpers and grab handles to keep them looking new?

  • I’m a fan of Maxima SC1 Silicone Spray.

  • A few Sea Doo Spark related questions since you are owner:
    A few details I just purchased a 3up HO and a Trixx
    Are they powerful enough to pull a skier?
    Any Spark specific accessories you recommend?

  • Yes, a Spark with a 90HP engine is powerful enough to pull a skier. Here is a video of a guy being pulled with a Spark while on a Wake Skate. Just make sure to follow your State laws, you might only use the 3-seater with a spotter to be legal but each State is different. Ask your local dealer what the law is for your State. As for accessories, I would start off with getting the Cover and the Snap-in Fenders. If you can look into the retractable dock line as that can be useful when you go to the docks for a short stop. Don’t forget the basic must have accessories we mention above like life jacket, whistle, dock line, and waterproof phone box. If you plan on doing a lot of towing then make sure to get the Shock Tube we mention above as that can help to lower the chances of sucking up tow rope. —One more thing, you’re going to have a blast on that Trixx!

  • For the Seadoo GTI SE is the ski module or X Module better? I would only tow tubers. Is the retractable ski pylon worth the cost?

    Also, what about the bilge pump kit? Is that necessary?

    Handles with palm grips?

    Last question, is there a big difference in trailers? I am only going to start with one PWC and maybe get a second one the following year.

    Sorry, this will be my first purchase and just want to make sure I am only buying what I need for accessories.

  • Get the Ski-Module, it’s way better and more useful. Is it worth it to have the Ski Pylon? Yes, but it’s not needed. The ski pylon will make your ski a little bit more valuable when you go to sell it. It’s only useful for pulling Skier’s as it gets the line higher for them and it also helps to keep the rope out of the water more and lowers the risk of sucking it up. You don’t need it if you just pull tubes, but I highly recommend getting the Shock Tube if you do pull anything.

    The bilge pump is merely personal preference. These things are not like a boat and don’t take on much water if at all. They do have bailers tubes that suck water out but only work when the engine is on. If you plan on keeping the craft in the water 100% of the time then yes get the bilge pump. But if you keep it on a floating dock or on a trailer then it’s not worth the money.

    Any 2016 and up Sea-Doo will have the palm grips and yes they are worth it. If you get an older model Sea-Doo I would recommend putting them on.

    I recommend getting an Aluminum trailer. If you plan on having 2 but one for right now then looks at getting a double trailer now to save you in the future. The prices of trailers go up every year just like watercraft and not having to worry about trading in a single next year is worth it. Plus, aluminum double trailers hold their value very well if you ever want to upgrade it in the future. I go into more detail about what accessories to get for your trailer to make sure you’re good to go here.

    First purchase? I’ve been getting a lot of these. I think I’ll create a guide for the first-time buyer soon. Let me know if you have any more questions you would like answered.

  • By law, what items are required to be carried on the jet ski?

  • Every State is different but the big ones are 1) life jacket 2) Whistle 3) Registration Numbers. Many States require you to have some form of identification on you and it’s best to keep that in a dry bag like we mentioned above along with your other personal items. Above all else see what your state requires you to have while on a Jet Ski.

  • Just bought a Sea-Doo RXT-X 300, Red and Black. 300 HP. Cant wait, 0-60 in 3.8 seconds.
    Think it will pull a wake board or tube?
    LMAO, cant wait to ride it!

  • You’re going to love the RXT-X 300, one of the best looking Sea-Doo ever! And it’s quick too, like stupid quick!

  • Is there a good site to purchase used Jet Skis?

  • Craigslist, PWC Trader, or your local dealership’s website. If you don’t know where you local dealer is then go to Sea-Doo or Yamaha’s website and do a dealer locator, many dealerships that sell new also sell used.

  • Mike Schoonover

    We recently purchased 2-3 up sparks for our cabin. We tie them off at the dock and use the fenders to protect them. However, we would like to get lifts for them. Any recommendations? Also, is it a good idea to cover them while they are tied up? Thanks in advance.

  • I highly recommend getting lifts, the drive up kind, if you plan on keeping any jet ski in the water. I talk a little bit about the lifts and such in the bonus section of my e-book here http://www.steveninsales.com/used-jet-ski-buyers-guide/
    but try to get the ones you drive up on. EZ Dock makes some that will work fine, here is their site http://www.ez-dock.com/
    Depending on where you live you can find some local spots that sell these lifts if you google “jet ski dock” with your area code. I recommend letting them install them as they can be a pain unless you know what you’re doing and don’t forget the permits if your lake requires them.

  • Yamil Hernandez

    The foldable anchor you recommend. I recently got it, and it works great. One question though, is there a way to quickly dry it, or do you just stow it wet and forget it? Seems like it would grow mold, etc. Any tips for after use care?

  • I fling the water off the paddle and store it away. I don’t worry too much about mold as every season I clean all the accessories and the jet ski.

  • So informative! Thank you so much! I live in Florida on a lake. Right before Hurricane Irma hit, I pulled my JetSki up on the grass ( instead of keeping it on my floating dock) . The waves were so unbelievable on the lake during the hurricane that a lot of water filled with sand and debris crashed into the rear of my JetSki. Even though I Had it in reverse in hopes of preventing debris from crashing in, there is still a lot of sand and weeds that I keep pulling out of it. What is the best way for me to ensure everything is cleared out of it, short of sending it to the shop? P.S. I did unscrew the drain plug no water came out, so I don’t think there’s water damage to the engine, however I have not started it since the hurricane.

  • Hope everyone is okay! The best thing to do is take it to the shop if you’re unsure. If it was me I would put it back in the water and shake it up a bit to loosen any debris that may be stuck. I doubt any water got into the engine but if you’re unsure you can take out the dipstick and check to see if the oil looks like a runny milkshake. If the oil is not runny and looks black or a dark amber then you should be fine.

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