Seadoo Spark Review – Everything You Need To Know

The Sea-Doo Sparks has been a huge hit across the world. Combine with the low cost to buy and own the Sparks are a great winner! This little review on the Sparks will go over what has changed and I’ll address the most common questions I get from buyers.

I work at a dealership (as a Salesman) that sell quite a bit of Seadoo Spark. So I have accumulated quite a bit of common questions I get from buyers that I want to address here.

The Common Questions

I wanted to start this Review off with the questions that I get all the time about the Seadoo Sparks. Later on I’ll address what changed in 2016 compared to the previous years.

How Many Models?

One of the hardest things to wrap your head around was the models of Sea-Doo Sparks. People would come into the store and say they wanted a Spark. With all the color options, engine options, and seating options its not so cut and dry.

red spark front chili pepper

In 2016 Seadoo has cut down on the amount of different models. But even with all the build a Seadoo options and such it can still be very confusing.

It really breaks down like this…

  1. Do you want a 2up or a 3up. This is the person capacity, so a 2up is a 2 person and a 3up is a 3 person.
  2. Next, you need to determine what engine you want. The most common engine is the bigger engine or the 90HP (900 HO ACE). The smaller engine or the 60HP (900 ACE) is less common since its only for the 2up version. The 90HP does about 50mph and the 60HP does about 40MPH.
  3. Next, you’ll need to decide if you want iBR (which is reverse, neutral and brakes) or do you want a Base model with only Forward. In 2016 if you get the iBR you’ll also get the Convenience Package with it too which is front storage and re-boarding step.
  4. The last step is to pick a color. 2016 has different colors compared to last years colors, but you can talk to your dealer about how much it would cost to get different color panels and decals.

Is It Slow?

Is it Slow? No. It’s actually quite fast. Is it the fastest watercraft? No, but it’s not trying to be. 50MPH on the water feels quite different than 50MPH in your car. 50MPH on the water feels like 80.

blue berry spark

The reason why Jet Skis seem faster is because you don’t have a roll cage or helmet on when you ride. So everything you pass seems to be flying at you. Combine with the great power to weight ratio of the Seadoo Spark, the take off power is crazy fast.

If you never rode a Sea Doo Spark before or even rented watercraft before then the Spark will feel very fast to you. I’ve had customers who bought Seadoo Sparks and don’t get past 30MPH because to them it’s too fast.

green spark key lime

Usually, the people who claim the Spark is slow are dealerships that don’t carry Seadoo and are trying to get you to buy its nearest competitor. Or guys who race jet skis and have the jet skis with all the mods on it.

The power of the 90HP is quite enough that Seadoo even opted in to have it default to Touring Mode when you first turn it on. Touring Mode is a nice and easy takeoff, but hold down the red button and you’ll enter Sport Mode. Sport Mode is the mode that holds nothing back.

How Durable Is The Sea-Doo Spark?

This is one of my favorite questions. Seadoo told us when they released the Sparks they took one up in the air to drop it and all it did was bounce.

bottom of spark

The Seadoo Spark is made of Ploy-Tec which is a type of Plastic. The analogy I like to use is to think of the Seadoo Spark as a Plastic Dinner Ware and the other models made of FiberGLASS as Glassware. If you drop the plastic dinnerware all it will do is bounce, but the glassware will more than likely break. This may not be the best analogy but helps to demonstrate what I’m saying. Fiberglass is durable, but Plastic has more give before it breaks.

I actually feel like the Ploy-Tech will be the future of watercraft since it cuts down on weight and cost. Don’t be surprised when you see more watercraft go to this material in the future.

The Sea-Doo Spark can handle a good bit, but it’s not made for going through river rocks just like how fiberglass is not made to do that either. Always be mindful when riding and don’t run into things and the Sparks will hold up just fine.

How Do You Get To The Engine?

Everyone likes to look under the hood. Just like when you buy a car you like to look at what the heart of the machine. It’s common knowledge that Jet Ski’s have engines under the Seat.

under spark seat

When people go to lift up the seat on the Seadoo Spark they get a little surprise. Actually many people try to lift the seat straight off, on a Spark you lift first then slide backward. Once the seat is off there is no engine just a place for the fire extinguisher and gas fill.

Many people panic when you tell them you have to take off the whole top deck if you need to do engine work. It’s not the end of the world. You have access panels that allow you to get to everything you need to for regular maintenance. The average Joe will not and don’t care to do any major engine work themselves.

spark access panel

Coming from a guy who has worked on many watercrafts over the years I have come to love the ability to remove the top deck of my Spark. Once the top deck is off you can get to everything. It’s the easiest watercraft to work on once the deck is off and plus its all smooth plastic in the hull so no more fiberglass splinters.

Why Is There A Hole There?

I love this question and I get it on the daily. Everyone likes to ask why is there a hole in the front of the Seadoo Spark, it always gets people attention. Or everyone likes to say something is missing, it very mind boggling to see a watercraft with no front.

spark hole in front

That hole is suppose to be there and can be filled with front storage bucket if you want. It was mostly for looks and since everyone is used to cars having engines in the front people expect watercraft to have engines in the front too.

Spark Front storage

The engine of most watercraft is actually towards the rear for better ride and displacement. In fact the whole front of the hull of the Spark is just emptiness so having that empty area above is no big deal.

storage apartment

Water Will Come Through That Hole?!

On the topic of the hole in the front where a front bucket storage can go people often think water will come through that hole. Some People like the idea while others don’t.

The real question people have is how wet of a ride is the Sea-Doo Spark? I have driven many watercraft and the Spark is quite dry compared to the many I have ridden. It’s not the driest ride either if you want to get wet you either have to try or it’s got to be choppy.

Blue Front storage

Water will not come in through the front where the Storage bucket can go. Since the Engine is in the rear and also the nose of the Seadoo Spark is elongated you really don’t get wet. At low speeds, Seadoo has made chimes in the front that funnel the water away from the rider so that you avoid getting splashed too much.

So to summarize the wetness factor of the Sea-Doo Spark there are only a few ways you’ll get wet.

  1. By trying to get wet by spinning the machine out.
  2. If it’s Really choppy or rough.
  3. If you purposely fall off or not following the weight limit of the craft.

There’s been times I’ve gone out in my shoes, pants, and works shirts to deliver Sparks on a nice day and I’ve never gotten wet. But in my free time, I take mine out and really play with it so that I can get wet on those hot days.

How Can You Tell Whats A 3up and a 2up?

You have two options for seats on a Seadoo Spark. A 2up and a 3up. A 2up is a 2 seater and a 3up is a 3 seater.

The easiest way to tell what is a 2up and what’s a 3up is that the 3up will have the extension platform in the rear like the picture below.

red spark 3up extension platform

A 2up will not have this as shown below.

2up green spark

What Do I Need?

After many people have gotten their new Seadoo Spark the next question is what do you need. Do I need this do I need that? Do I need a battery charger? How do I keep my phone dry? Luckily I created this to help with these questions.

What Change The Seadoo Spark

New Colors

We still have the pineapple(yellow) and vanilla(white) colors, but for 2016 we now have 3 new ones. We now have Blueberry(blue), Key Lime(green), and Chili Pepper(red). The new colors look great and the pictures I have don’t do them justice, it looks better in person.

floor of spark

I was quite excited when Seadoo released the Blue Seadoo Spark. I said ever since they came out that they’ll have a blue one. I got that from one of the videos Seadoo made to introduce the Sparks and they had a blue one on the wall.

If you like the old colors, like the bubblegum(pink) you can still get those colors in a panel kit from your dealer.

Seadoo Spark Colors

New Seat Colors

It’s nice now how Seadoo is doing color matching seats. The white seats were okay, but people often ask if the seats come in different colors. The Sparks now have seats that match the color of the body panels.

The White spark will have a black seat instead of the White. Check the other seat colors below.

red seat
blue spark seat
green spark seat
Yellow Spark seat

New Handle Bar Grips

While we’re looking at the picture above of the yellow Sea Doo Spark you’ll notice something different with the Handle Bar Grips. A new Palm rest is now standard on all Seadoo watercraft models. This palm rest is a great new feature that really places ergonomics first.

This rest gives you a whole lot more comfort when riding on longer rides and more confidence when you pull in the throttle. I like this new grip so much I’m thinking about putting them on my 2014 Sea Doo Spark I have.

The Gauge

The Gauge for the Seadoo Sparks didn’t change. It still shows you speed, RPM, and hours on your Spark. The red button below allows you to scroll through all the different functions.

Spark Gauge

Holding the red button down for a few seconds and press it again will put you into Sport Mode. To get out of Sport mode just hold down the red button and you’ll default to Touring Mode. Sport mode is full power nothing holds you back, and Touring will be more easier take off.

In the picture below you can see the glove box storage located under the gauge.

spark glove box

Getting More With The Convenience Package

Seadoo now has the Convenience Package Plus which is the same as the old Convenience Package but now has DESS RF key with it. This package will come with all models that have iBR. The DESS RF key is an encrypted key and a safety lanyard. This key is waterproof and floats too.

The Regular Spark just has a standard Safety Lanyard and is not digitally encrypted. This is not the end of the world as I would still have a Lock like this one to protect it from being carried off.

iBR – Brakes Reverse Neutral

Not all Seadoo Sparks will get the iBR. The base models will only have forward as soon as you turn the engine on. If you don’t get an iBR Spark you can add a manual reverse option, but to be honest, it’s not really needed.

ibr spark

The RPM’s on a Seadoo Spark are so low that I just rotate my Seadoo Spark in a circle to kill my momentum and point it to where I want to go and then shut it off as it drifts in.

If you do get a Spark with iBR then it will make docking a little easier for you. The iBR is also brakes for your watercraft and Seadoo is the only manufacturer with brakes. The brakes work great in an emergency situation if you need to stop right away.

17 must have accessories for jet skis

900 ACE

The Sea-Doo Sparks are powered by a 900 ACE which is simply a very fuel efficient and power engine. Made by Rotax who also make engines from ATV’s to Planes and also motorcycles. Rotax really knows there stuff when it comes to making engines.

seadoo decal

In the picture above you can see the screw that pops off to let you check the oil. 

The Seadoo Spark has two engine options, a 60HP and a 90HP. The 60HP does about 40 MPH and the 90HP does about 50MPH. The 90HP is the only engine that has Sport Mode and Touring Mode and is the only engine you can get in the 3up. The 2up has either a 60HP or a 90HP option. iBR models only have the 90HP engine.

Closed Loop Cooling

Just like all the other Seadoo watercraft the Sea-Doo Sparks uses a Closed Loop Cooling System. This system is the same that your car uses right now.

Closed Loop means it cycles antifreeze through the engine instead of lake or ocean water. The reason why you want to avoid ocean and lake water is that it contains debris that can clog the engine cooling. And Ocean water contains salt which can corrode the engine away.

If you want to learn more about the cooling system I wrote more about it here.

41 thoughts on “Seadoo Spark Review – Everything You Need To Know”

  1. Just read your review on the Spark, which was awesome!

    Looking at getting a 2018 Spark 2up. 90hp. Will this be a better bet than an older, bigger Seadoo like the 2005 RXP215 or GTX or GTI? Appreciate the otehrs have bigger engine, but really looking for entry level ski, to blast around on, tow kids on a biscuit (possibly ski behind?) thats easy to use and move around, low maintenance and dependable. Will likely only be one adult or one adult and one child on it at at time.


    • The Spark will do all that but the bigger models like the GTI will be more comfortable and have more gusto for pull sports. I would avoid the supercharged models for sure, anything 170HP or less is a great Sea-Doo engine. But the Spark is a great first-time jet ski to get you going, I still keep mine around because of how fun it is compared to the other models.

  2. Steven, Will a spark trixx 3 up front storage bin hold a 21″ collapsible paddle? if not what is another alternative.

  3. hello, I’m having a hard time deciding between the trixx 2up or 3up. on the 3up is it a noticeable difference to give a passenger a ride compared to the 2up? i weigh about 180 and would like to give my wife a ride sometimes. she weighs about 140.If I’m riding it normal would it be stable enough to where we don’t have to worry about rolling over? also getting on the ski with 2 people does it tip over easily? my final question is are if i ourchsed the 3up and removes the extended rear piece would it be the same size as the 2up?

    • The 3up seat is a little longer and better for 2 riders. You also get an extension on the back to help with the extra rider weight. You both would ride fine on the 2up but the 3up will for sure be more stable if you both ride together often. I’ve been able to get back on my Spark 3UP with someone in the driver seat without it tipping over though from the back, going from the side is impossible. The driver does have to counterbalance as you get on but it’s possible. You should not remove the 3up extention as the top deck on the 3up is different from the 2up because of the longer seat. You also can not make a 2up a 3up. If you’re in doubt I say go with the 3up for sure.

  4. Hi. Our main use would be one 200lb adult driver, plus two skinny teenagers (one flagger and one on a pulled tube). Total weight around 425. Is the 3up Spark sufficient? Thanks.

  5. Hi Steven, First your site is fantastic! It has answered many of my questions and concerns about PWC’s. I hope you can answer a few more. I would like to purchase a Spark Trixx 3 up. After visiting 2 dealerships this past week i have found showrooms/inventories to be slim/nonexistent and staff not very helpful. So I went to the Sea-Doo site and built a Spark Trixx 3 up the way I want it.

    1) Could I give a dealer a printout of my build containing the “Build Code” and have them order it to my specifications?
    2) Would the extra accessories I specified such as side protectors, 12 volt outlet, storage bin and boarding step be installed at the factory as part of the build or at the dealership as part of make ready?
    3) What is the typical lead time from order placement to dealer receipt?
    4) What is the typical down payment amount for an order?
    5) As a percentage, what is dealer cost relative to MSRP? 80% 90%?

    • 1) The “building” process is a bit misleading. You don’t build what you want and order it from the factory. The building process is something you use to build what you want to give to your dealer so they can build it. If the dealer doesn’t have that model in stock in that color they’ll have to get it from another dealer or order it from the factory. If they get it from the factory it could take months depending if the factory has them in stock or if they will even make more. The trick is to buy a Spark from the bigger jet ski dealerships as they have more inventory and have better luck in finding them.
      2) All accessories are installed at the dealership and most dealerships charge to install them. The factory only sends out the units and it’s up to the dealer to do the accessories.
      3) Demand is so high it’s hard to get units. The best thing to do is find a dealership that is easy to work with and get your name on the list with a deposit to get the machine you want. It’s still early in the USA season so you could find the color and features you want.
      4) Down payment is up to to the dealership. Some want a few hundred and some want more, it’s hard to give an exact number. Just make sure you get the deal in writing before putting down a deposit.
      5) The margins on a Spark is about $200 but it cost $400 to get one shipped from the factory so the dealer is -$200 in the hole before it gets off the semi. Not only that, but it’s shipped sideways and in pieces in the crate so it cost to get it built correctly too. This is why you see Sparks going for MSRP Plus Plus. The dealership often makes more money selling you the trailer than the actual jet ski.

    • No, you can not add iBR to a Spark that did not have it from the start. You can still do tricks without the iBR, you just need to shift your weight around.

  6. I am on a tight budget but I want one of the sparks. I am fine with the 60hp 2-up, but is there anything that it can’t do compared to a trixx or 3-up. Can 2up do water wheelies? Thanks

  7. Hi there. We are looking at buying a 2020 Trixx. We want to tow behind it as well. Is this possible? Our son is 110lbs.

  8. Hi, this site and information is very very helpful. I was hoping you could help me. I just bought a used 2014 Spark. The flush appears to be way in the back on the left. I purchased a Sea Doo Flush Kit as to make it easier to connect a hose. However, the opening of the flush hose is the exact size of the mount it is suppose to go on. ‘I’ve bought it to 2 jetski shops and neither have seen this before – both in terms of the location of the flush piece where it is almost impossible to get your hand into… Am I doing something wrong? Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  9. Hi. Thanks for the helpful info! I live on Lake Michigan and am looking at a purchase of a seadoo spark 3 up and a seadoo wake 3 up for myself and my three teenagers. The bigger wake would be for towing a tube or ski. My only concern is stability with the spark. What are your thoughts?

    • I’m 240 pounds and can stand on the side of the Spark and it doesn’t roll over unless I really try. Get another one of me on the side and it will for sure rollover. Riding by myself it feels stable especially in smooth water, but bigger waves you can feel less stable. Riding two people my size on the 3up Spark does feel unstable and any more than that you will end up in the water. The Spark compared to the Wake is like a small car to a mid-size SUV. The lightness and the Spark being less stable or more playful is a feature that many people look for and some stay away from. If you’re mostly riding in Lake Michigan I would consider something bigger than the Spark.

  10. About a gallon and a half of Gas was poured in the side compartment where the oil dipstick is located. I pulled the SeaDoo out of the water and poured water mixed with dish soap into the same spot and drained it to flush it out. Has anyone ever done this? I’m afraid to use the jet ski. I haven’t even started it. Any suggestions?

    • I’ve seen this happen before, Sea-Doo really needs to rethink that design. Get it out of the water, pull the drain plug out, use the garden hose to rinse the engine compartment, and let it drain out. Put the drain plug back in, leave the side compartment (where the battery is located) off to allow it to dry out for a few hours and you’ll be fine.

  11. Thanks for the quick reply. One more question. Does the 3up Trixx do water wheelies as well as the 2up? Thanks again.

  12. Thinking about the 2up or 3up Spark Trixx. Like the idea of the 3up for the rare occasions that I will have a kid or two on the back. Worried though that the 3up will not be as “fun”/flickable as the 2up? Have not ridden either one. Not looking to go crazy with the fun part as I am older, but still like to have some fun also. Is the 3up as easy and fun to ride as the 2up?

    • I own a 3up and driven 2ups and both are just as fun and flickable. I went with the 3up for the more room and they’re easier to resell in the future as that is what most people want. Especially with the Trixx, they’re very fun machines no matter if it’s a 2up or 3up.

  13. I live in Melbourne Australia and 5 weeks ago bought a 2019 spark, just wanted to say I agree with everything you said and thank you for an honest assessment of a fun ski that does what it says on the tin. Heaps of fun for beginners ( as I am ) and great to learn on.
    Thanks again and keep up the good work ?

  14. You listed a lot of features on the sea-doo spark. Would you happen to know what the small (pencil sized) holes are on the side in the rear are for? We thought flag pole or tie down but we are not sure. Also, there is a loop under the handlebar, is that for a dock rope? Thank you.

  15. I live in Miami and this would be my first pwc. I love the look and price point of the spark. My goal is to cruise around biscayne bay with two passengers (not heavy) and beach it at the inner islands and sandbars to hangout. Would the spark be a good option for cruising around. I’ve read about lack of stability and discomfort due to the seat. Would the spark be suitable or do I NEED the GTI? Also, do you ship to Miami?

    • Yes. I personally have a small soft cooler I clip on the back my of 3up Spark and use bungee cords to keep it from bouncing around. You could add the brackets to have a hard cooler but I don’t like doing that because it throws off the weight of the small craft especially when the cooler is loaded down. It also destroys the resale value of the Spark too as those holes are there forever. It would be better to get the front storage bucket for the Spark if you don’t have one already and put a soft cooler there. That front bucket has holes so it drains naturally and is the least bouncy area of the PWC.

  16. Would you purchase warranty on 2016 Spark 3up with 35 hour? Sea-Doo dealer I’m looking at does not have lake close enough to test drive? Any other pre-purchase advice, cautionary tales. I bought and read your book but there is not a lot on the Spark. It seems to have limited access to engine, etc.

    THANKS again.

    • You could buy extended warranty if you wanted to but me personally I would not. Most of the problems you’ll run into will be user error and most of the time won’t be covered under warranty. Just make sure to get it serviced every year and do a winterize if it gets cold where you live. When it comes to the Spark I would examine the hull very thoroughly to make sure there is no cracks and the steering moves freely. I would also check the wear ring since the stock one is thin and damages easy. Other than that the Spark is a fairly simple machine compared to the other Jet Skis in the world. Also, make sure they do any recalls if there is any before you leave with it, they can give you a print out of all the recalls it would have or had done.

  17. I found a pair of 2016 sparks for sale, both 3up. I have looked around trying to find pictures of 3 people on a spark and they are scarce. With family of 5, I need one ski to hold 1 adult and 2 growing kids. Is that possible with the 3up.
    As always – appreciate your help.

    • The 3-person spark has a weight capacity of 450 pounds and I would personally only put 400 pounds worth of people on it because you got to include gear weight and fuel too. I tell people the 3-person Spark is really a 2-person Spark. You might do better looking at the GTI models or if you really want a stable comfortable ride look at the GTX or RXT.


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