Facts About Jet Ski Registration Numbers

Just like how cars have license plates Jet Ski’s and Boat have registration numbers. These numbers are unique to your watercraft and stay with the life of the vessel. You might have some questions on how you get those numbers and if you need them.

When you first buy a boat or jet ski you probably won’t have your numbers just yet. Most dealers will wait till you take delivery of the units. The dealer will give you something to keep you legal on the water for the time being. If your dealer doesn’t do the registration for you then you’ll have to find your local wildlife dealer (most boat dealers are one) and handle it that way.

Most dealers won’t install the numbers or make the numbers for you. So it’s up to you to find the best numbers that fit your machine. There is a ton of options when it comes to boat numbers with different colors and fonts. It really breaks down to 3 different types, custom, pre-cut, and 3d numbers.

Pre-Cut Vinyl Numbers

The pre-cut numbers the cheapest option but also one the more difficult ones to put on. You can find plenty of styles and colors below to fit the Jet Ski you have now.

3D Pre-Cut Vinyl Numbers

The next option is just a nicer version of the pre-cut numbers but they’re in a 3D form. They look better than the standard pre-cut and gives your boat some character too! They’re little more but work just as well. The reason why they’re hard to install is that they peel off one by one and you must manually line them up.

Custom Boat Registration Numbers

The last option is to get custom numbers made. This can be more expensive than the other options. Custom numbers allow you to pick any font and any color you want. Since its “printed” out it is on peel and stick pad that lines up perfectly. All you gotta do is peel the bottom layer off and stick it on the boat or watercraft. Smooth out the bubbles and remove the top transfer tape layer and its on. Instead of painstaking putter each number and letter on with the pre-cut you just slap on the decal with the custom made ones. 

No matter what you get you got to have this registration numbers done. Don’t get mailbox numbers, yes they’re really cheap, but the don’t look that good. You’ve spent all this money on your new toy don’t waste money of ugly mailbox numbers. Also, mailbox numbers don’t meet the size that they have to be. Most mailbox numbers are under 3 inches while boat and jet ski registration numbers need to be more than 3 inches in height. Also, the material that Boat numbers are made is Vinyl which holds up the best in the environment that boats are exposed to.

Here is a video on how to install numbers on your Jet Ski or Boat.

6 thoughts on “Facts About Jet Ski Registration Numbers”

  1. I’m considering purchasing either a 2016 or 2017 GTX limited with IS.
    I know they changed the suspension and discontinued it in 2018.
    Do you think one is better than the other.

    • The 2016 will have the automatic suspension and the 2017 will be standard suspension. You’ll have fewer issues out of the 2017 as there are fewer moving parts and at the core, they’re the same suspension, it’s just that the 2016 had an actuator that tightened or loosen it.

  2. Hi, I just bought a used 2014 Kawasaki ultra lx with 78 hours on it from a dealer. I noticed the article says once someone buys a pwc it gets assigned registration numbers that stay with it for the life of the vehicle. This ski didnt come with assigned numbers I’m still waiting for them, what would be the reason for this? My 2019 waverunner I bought with 6 hours already came with registration numbers.

    • When the jet ski is bought new it’s supposed to get registered with the state and they will issue you the vessel numbers that go on the front of the PWC. Those numbers don’t change unless you move to a new state or country. It could be a unit from a different state or country; I would talk to the dealership you bought it from to see about the numbers. Also, sometimes dealerships will remove the numbers on used jet skis when cleaning them but put new ones back on to make it look good, this could be a possibility too.


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