Jet Ski Storage – Where To Put Your Jet Ski’s

I’ve been running into some common questions about storing jet ski’s from customers. The common theme has been to store their watercraft in their garage. Which is a great place to store them since it offers protection from the sun and criminals.

But there’s a problem.

Many garages being built today are not wide enough for a 2-place trailer to go into with skis on them. It’s like garages door sizes are shrinking.

Sure there is other options like storing them outside, rent storage lockers, boat storage clubs, and so on. These places are not as convenient as the garage and as safe as knowing your watercraft lock in your storage place.

What Can You Do?

aqua cart dolly

So what can you do about this? Well, to put your watercraft in your garage you’re going to need to take them off the trailer.

It’s actually quite a simple process to do, we do it all day at the shop.

You will need a rolling stand like this one (Amazon Link Ad). This is what we use, they offer the perfect height for getting the watercraft on and off the trailer.

You got to make sure you get a stand that is high enough so that you don’t break your back, jet ski’s can weigh over 800 pounds so make sure you get someone to help you.

Also, need to make sure you get a stand with good rolling wheels. The bigger the wheels the better.

Here is actually a video of a guy doing exactly this (this is not me in the video)…

This is a good video, but I do have some issues with it. He uses Teflon slides to make it easier for him. The problem with these is that you must strap down the trailer on both ends to make sure the watercraft doesn’t slide off. Even if you’re going down the road, you got to strap the watercraft down.

Also, launching the watercraft is different with those Teflon slides on them. You got to make sure the watercraft is in the water before un-latching the front strap or the watercraft will end up on the ramp damaged.

Those Teflon slides worry me too much. I don’t recommend you use them.

Another thing in the video is that he forgets to mention that you need to have the trailer hooked up to a truck before you start removing the skis. This helps to keep the trailer from moving on you when you’re pulling. It also keeps the nose of the trailer from launching in the air when you pull both the last unit off.

The Key Point for unloading and loading watercraft is to be careful!

Make sure the trailer is latched before you do anything. 

Also, don’t pull the watercraft off the trailer without someone to help you. I have gotten hurt so many times from trying to do something by myself with getting jet ski on and off trailers, take it from me – have someone there to help. 

Also in the video, he uses a fiberglass hull watercraft on the Teflon slides. If you have a Spark then the Teflon will not work that great for you. Sparks are made of polytec which is a type of plastic and they don’t do well with Teflon slides. The good news is that the sparks are much lighter than normal fiberglass watercraft. Still, get someone to help you get the sparks off the trailer.

I also notice in the video the guy has the watercraft hanging too much off the front. Sure most of the weight is in the rear, you’ll still need to move the stand closer to the center to make sure you got a good balance. If not balanced right and someone moves it the wrong way you can end up with a watercraft on the floor, which is very bad. Another reason to have someone help you.

Another Option

The best solution is to have shelter for your watercraft without having to take them off the trailer.

They make big storage sheds that can fit watercraft on trailers. Or check out your local Lowes and Home Depot to see what storage shed options they have.

They don’t offer the protection like a solid garage will have but they do keep the sun and weather off of them. Plus you get to keep your garage for parking your car.

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  1. Has anyone tried this method with a Wake 155, with the poly-tec hull? Clearly the plastic hull will not slide as easy as a glass hull? Curious if this is still a viable option? I hope it is, as my garage door is just too narrow!


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