Seadoo Spark

The seadoo spark is made out of plastic material called poly-tec which gives it a whole new look and design never seen before on a personal watercaft. This poly-tec material also allows the spark to be lighter, making it almost half the weight of its closet fiberglass brother. This weight reduction does wonders for the jet ski, lower weight means you don’t need a big engine and a small engine means better fuel economy.

Talk about fuel the GTI 130 consumes around 10 gallons per hour at wide open throttle while the 90 HP spark will only consumes about 3 gallons per hour at wide open throttle. Since the Spark is so fuel efficient the 8 gallon fuel tank is more than enough for the average rider. To give you real world idea of how good the spark is on gas we did a test ride that lasted for more than 8 hours and in those 8 hours we had people riding the 90HP spark non-stop and when it was time to go home the spark still had a half of tank gas left. We didn’t need to fill up again til lunch the next day, and when we did fill up it only cost us about $25.

One huge perk about the Spark is that you can make it your own. Seadoo offers decal kits you can install and you can even swap out the panels in the future if you find that a new color comes along. Since its only 3 panels that determines the color of your Spark its nice to know that you can always change it later. Its also nice knowing that all the panels on the Spark are modular, so if someone bumps against a dock and damages the panel all you need to do is just replace the panel and off you go.

One unique feature I don’t hear anyone talk about is that this new poly-tec plastic doesn’t dry out or fade as easy as fiberglass does. Also, the matt finish of the Spark keeps grease and fingerprint marks away.

You can’t go wrong with the Spark, great price, great on gas, very customizable, and the panels can be replaced easily. So why wouldn’t someone buy a spark? The Spark is a great ski to get you on the water but if you want to do more than spin the machine out and launch it out of the water you might want to step up to a larger machine like the GTI 130. The Spark by no means is a cruising ski and if you plan on doing some cruising when everyone is out riding on the weekend you might want to step up to the next level Seadoo. When you step up to the GTI 130 not only do you get a better riding ski but you also get more storage and brakes (iBR) standards.

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